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  1. Thanks fella. I was just thinking on heavy night on the weekend i crawl out of bed midday so i guess i would have to take it at night then,im right in saying its ok to drink on propecia?
  2. Hi spex I guessed it didnt make any difference as long it was around the same time everyday. I was just wondering if people found it better in the morning or aftrenoon? Which is more suitable? Thanks Dave
  3. Alright i've finally decided to take the plunge and go down the quacks for some propecia. Fingers crossed i dont get any sides. Just wondering when is the best time to take it? Mornings, evenings? Cheers & thanks Dave
  4. , Good game though. Next time, like i've never said that before
  5. Hi Spex, will do once i figure out a way to go without my girlfriend getting upset, she thinks my hairs fine. But it aint! Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Guys, I think ill fly over for this, thinking of getting a HT want see what my options are. Thanks spex for sorting this out great idea. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Guys, wondering if anyone could recoomend a good hair gel. I use fat fudge head wax/gel its good as it makes your hair appear thicker but it seems my hair just falls out of style after about half an hour of appllying it. ANyone know of any good gel that doesnt make your hair hard as rock but keeps the style. Thanks
  8. Thanks Do you remeber the name of the product? Cheers
  9. Is there any thing besides minox worth trying? Is revivigen any good? its advertisied on this very site. gotta wonder?
  10. Think thats a bit of a myth Sally. Washing ure hair daily cant hurt at most it will increase the blood supply to your scalp supplying the hair with more nutrients
  11. My apologies, sorry didn't mean to point any fingers. I remember now it did read Dr Fleming. Getting my wires crossed. Whoops Cheers
  12. Spex are you around? You said you cant believe this method is still being used. But then its Dr feller who performed the op. Could be wrong but isn't he the same doc that did ure HT? Cheers
  13. That operation flap surgery was performed by Dr Fella. And on the list of things recommended if you cant afford it, it doesn't even mention propecia Cheers
  14. Ok, i think ill give it a go. fingers crossed, when i start i'll keep you guys posted cheers Davey
  15. Thanks for the replies, the reseaon why i asked is my dad receeded a little and thinned ontop, but it stopped and eventually at abt 40 he went grey with a little bald spot on the top. Just i've noticed less hair on my pillow in the morning. I used to 15 to 25 hairs. Now i see about 4 or 5. My approach to meds: What i have done is taken photos of my hair line and on top. In 4 months i will access the damage if any. And if i see i have lost hair i will start on propecia. You guys say 2% sides , i know i've read that too. I Have also read on some sites 5% sides. I just got abit freaked reading user opinions related to sides on AskDocWeb website . Some crazy crap on there. Cheers
  16. Hi, my hair seems to have gotten a lot thinner over the past 3 years. I have thinning ontop and a receeding hair line, probably about 3 cm back. Just wondering if its possible for the receeding hair and thinning to stop or slow down naturally with out taking meds? I 'm 24 and have done a little reading on propecia and i dont want to take it after all i've heard about the side effects. Decreased libido, decreased sperm count, shrunken penis, head aches , anxiety . Doesnt seem worth it. But just curious will my hair go all the way or is it possible the receding and thinning just to just stop giving my age of 24? Many Thanks
  17. I have been wondering about this product, done a a bit of research and most info i found has been against the product rather then for it. But if anyone has had any success with it please let us know thanks davey
  18. American Crew, have any of you guys of this? http://www.mankind.co.uk/goshopping.asp?GroupID=716 Is this stuff anygood? Anyone ever used it? Cheers
  19. Albert ure 40 count ure self lucky, im 24 and already have a vern thin crown and receeding hair line, my dad too had a full set of hair till the day he died. But my mothers father on the other hand well you guessed it. cheers dave
  20. i've heard that 1000mg multi vitamin and 500mg magnesium per day is supposed to be good. Cheers dave
  21. dude you had a transplant, a very good one by the looks of it. I cant do that dont have cash at the moment. Im not as bad as you were. but worse then you are now .. just out of interest how much did that set you back if you dont mind me asking? thanks
  22. Okay, did you or do you have receding temples, wouls propecia help with this? once again appreciate this help davey
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