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  1. Man, I'm really at a loss with this decision. I feel I am in no win situation and have to choose between better chances of saving my hair or a potential side effects which include problems in the lower regions. I've been on dut twice already, never making the 5 month mark both times. I stopped twice because of side effects and I just got a bad aura about the drug and its long time use. Now after 3 months stopping and reverting back to propecia my hair is worse. My horse shoe pattern shows more and my hair as gotten thinner. I have carried on using spiro and minoxidil through out this. I just can't deal with this choice I have to make. I feel this is a no win situation. I felt my hair get slightly thicker whilst using avodart, but nothing great. Only is has gone to pot since stopping and going back to propecia. What an awful choice we're forced to make. Significant hair loss is my early 20's has killed me psychologically and mentally to be honest
  2. And there I was. All alone on the Devon hills, running along with my Norwood flowing in the wind - singing with glee. Enjoying life to the fullest extent. Minding my own business. No one could stop me. Not even my alter ego and my other seven personalities. I gazed vividly at my hair loss bag strapped firmly around my waist. "I was free" I shouted. As I skipped along, wearing my Minoxidil 5% Dungarees. "I WAS FREEEEEEEEE!" *BANG* All of a sudden - I woke up. It was all but a dream. It then began to hit home - the sudden initial disappointment you get when you realise that it was only a dream, and no more. My head sank. I then lowered my head gently back on my Minixidil/Spiro combination yellow stained pillow, and drifted back to sleep. Before waking up in Dr Lee’s laboratory dressed in my Spironalactone 5% Headgear. "Agggggghhh!" I cried in horror. I was a lab-rat for Dr Lee. I looked around in panic. I wasn’t the only one here - there were others. Many upon many in fact - all running around with lost expressions etched firmly on their faces. All wearing the same Spiro 5% Headgear. At first I thought I was at my local hair club for men - but it was definitely Dr Lee’s laboratory, judging by the Dr Lee’s special edition silk long johns I was forced to wear. It was hell. It was Dr Lee’s laboratory. Hair loss sufferers were all screaming as they aimed to get away from Dr Lee laboratory as fast as they can. For why were we the chosen ones? Why were we chosen to be lab-rats and test subjects for Dr Lee. All of a sudden, Dr Lee popped out from behind the curtain. We ran. We all just ran as fast as we could. Dabbing Minoixidil every step of the way whilst adding the required amount of Retin-A I had cleverly stole from my Dr Lee’s lab 5 minutes previously. We just ran. All of a sudden we approached 3 paths. I then looked around and realised was no longer joined by any of the other test subjects. It was dark and I was on my own. I had to choose between the 3 paths in front on me. The options that were before me, read: Bosley Ken Death I looked at the options one by one. I then gazed at the camera. "There is only one option here". As I ran uncontrollably to my death. I fell into a dark pit. "Aghhhhhh" I screamed. - I had made the wrong turn and was heading for a free hair transplant with Dr Bosley. I then turned back with my knees bending in the air frantically, to my death *BANG* I woke up again. It was only a dream. I sighed with relief. I lifted up my bed covers to reveal a wet patch on my bed. "I have got to take advantage of this" I murmured. Before doing a series of head-spins in my own urine in the hope I would regrow a few vellous hairs I then got up, and went down stairs and unlocked the door. With my bent penis - given to me by years of Dutasteride use. I then just fell to the floor and drifted away once again.
  3. If anyone’s looking for a decent site, here’s the cheapest available. http://minoxidil-direct.co.uk/
  4. Your username is apt btw. Look at the reaction to this same post on another forum last year. Look at the contrast. http://www.hairlosstalk.com/discussions/vi...ighlight=gunner goes to show etc. Sadly worst I've seen with regards to angry hair loss sufferers on a site.
  5. Because my girlfriend of 4 hours has just dumped me because of hair loss. This was the first girlfriend I’ve had in 5 years and it only lasted 4 hours. I can’t believe my luck. I met her when I went to a night club last night. She saw me with my beanie hat on, jigging on the dance floor. I asked her out and to my surprise, she said yes. At this stage, my hair loss was hidden - obviously by the beanie. Hair loss was the furthest thing from my mind at this point, and it felt great. The first 3 hours went perfectly; she was good looking and I looked good with my beanie hat - hiding my hair loss. Well, at about 3 hours 45 minutes into our relationship it then started to go slightly pear shaped, because she asked me to take my beanie off. When she said this I got embarrassed and tried to change the subject. 'I thought she accepted me with my hat on' I quietly muttered to myself. I was wrong. She kept pursuing it and nagging me for a whole 8 minutes to take my hat off. I felt like a rotten egg. I couldn’t believe it. It was this early into our relationship and she already wanted me to take the next step. She was robbing me of the chance to wear my hat for a few more hours. I just started to furiously shout at the ground “Damn it! Why me!”. At this stage I turned on her TV, only to hear the song "You can keep your hat on” by Tom Jones, play out. Once again, I started shouting at the ground again “Damn it! Why me!”. I just wanted to leave and go home ASAP, so I could enter HairlossTalk.com. Hair loss has driven me to the point where I wear my hat all the time. She then started to quiz me more, as to why I am so reluctant to remove my beanie hat. This made me go red in the cheeks. Not my face cheeks, unfortunately. But my bum cheeks, which were now on display due to me pulling down my trousers in a last ditch effort to deflect the attention from my hair loss. It revealed a tattooed Norwood scale I had imprinted on my ass. "Knackers!" I furiously shouted. I thought that pulling down my trousers was a good idea because she might of thought I wanted to sex her up - like a hair loss sufferer would. Or even have sexty fun with her. However, this didn’t work, so I pulled my Rogaine dungarees back up. "Stop putting me under unnecessary pressure!" I shouted in her direction. At about 3 hours 50 minutes into our relationship, her mate knocked at her door (As I was still round her house) The first thing she said when she entered the house was, “"Hello - why don’t you take off that silly hat". In my mind, I just frantically fell to my knees shouting "nOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOwood!". But only in my mind because I had to stay strong. I was stuck for words, so I said the first thing that came into my mind which sounded something like "I am not a Norwood 3Vc+ with a cherry on top!!" which predictably drew weird looks from my girlfriend of 3 hours 52 minutes. I felt a total idiot. I couldn’t believe I said that; I was so embarrassed of my hair loss at this stage. So I did it. I pulled off my hat, confidently. This was met with a gasp from my girlfriend, who automatically shouted “I have to go!”. I then pointed my Norwood, North, acting as a makeshift compass "That way's north!" I frantically yelled, whilst furiously dabbing Rogaine onto my assline. Her friend was laughing her head off, as my matted down hair made me look like an uglier version of Gollum. I looked a complete spud face. My big 'Norwood scale V' expression face almost poked her eyes out, as I turned in her direction. I then plummeted to the floor in shock, and desperately shouted in her direction “What do I take, Duprost, Dutas or Avodart?!” In the hope I would finally get an answer to this unanswered question. Things then went from bad to worse, because as soon as I displayed my Norwood 3v in her direction, it became a race as to who was going to dump who first. That’s when I picked myself up off the floor and ran out the house shouting "You’re dumped! ha ha ha!" whilst laughing confidently. I felt quite proud of gaining confidence when I ran out of her house without my beanie on. Because I have never left my house without my beanie before. I was taking a first step to leaving my house without my beanie. All of a sudden, my best hair loss flat mate, Boris, jumped out from the bushes dressed in his favourite diaper. We just looked each other in the eye and simultaneously shouted "We're the Norwood twins, and we love each other" Before giving each other high 5's and jigging our hearts out. Our hairy Norwood patterned legs were bending in the air whilst we grooved, waving our DermMatch manuals above our heads. Sadly, my jubilation didn’t last for long. Because I am now typing this message at my computer, as tears fall from my face and land in my bean sprout soup. My relationship lasted just under 4 hours. My hair loss is stopping me from getting married. I feel useless. Hair loss has done it to me again.
  6. Being a dick? I have the most comprehensive Norwood 3.5v in my street. I dance with my Norwood on full display.
  7. who gunner.... I think I'm kind of hip when I approach people in the street and hit them with a chorus of: Norwood 1, this is not fun!. Norwood 2, this can't be true. Norwood 3, this is not me! Norwood 4? That was before!. Norwood 5, I'm not alive. Norwood 6, no, no - not man tits!. Norwood 7, I am in heaven. I then thrust my horseshoe Patten in their face and ask them "If they can see the Norwood for the trees?" All of a sudden, I fell to the floor and started to spin on my back, whilst shouting "Noooooooooorwood!". I then waved my hands above my head and furiously dabbed Minoxidil onto my pate, whilst assuring people around me, I was feeling great. Well, sadly, that's when my hair-club for men membership card was confiscated, so I ran to Hassan and Wong's house crying - in the hope they would give me a free hair transplant. Before, I finally ended my day by jiving around a bottle of Minoxidil 5% with my knees bending in ther air with pride, singing:- Thank you for my Norwood! for giving it to me! What would life be, without some Min or Fin, what are we? So I say, thank you for my Norwood! For giving it to me. Don't you mean "I am a made man"? Just ask Pauli - he's made me a "Made Norwood".
  8. My Norwood brings all the boys to the yard. And they're like, It's better than yours, Damn right, it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge.
  9. Today, I wanted to show people that I was dealing with the agony that hair-loss brings to someone so young. I wanted to make an impact. I wanted to prove to people I was coping with hair-loss. That's why I got dressed in my Rogaine t-shirt, skin tight grey shorts, long grey socks and equipped my hair-loss bag firmly around my waist. I was ready to make a difference. That's when I frantically ran out of my house, pulling a dumb expression whilst furiosuly dabbing Minoxidil 5% onto my head. I then stopped in the middle of the street, put my Minoxidil 5% into my hair-loss bag, and started to do jazz-hands whilst running around with my knees bending in the air. I did all this, before letting off with a chorus of "I’m too sexy for my Norwood, too sexy for my Norwood, the way I’m disco dancing" "I’m a model, you know what I mean, and I shake my little Norwood on the catwalk" "On the catwalk" "On the catwalk yeah, I shake my little Norwood on the catwalk". Everyone was clapping me as I jigged around with my hair-loss on display showing the general public my skills as I wiggled my 'tush' around the Minoxidil 5% bottle that I had previously placed on the floor. I was jigging around 1 bottle of Minoxidil 5%. I was living it up. The crowd were going wild as streamers rained down from the skies at my achievement of finally proving to people I had beaten hair-loss, by living life the best way I could. All of a sudden, I stopped jigging, pulled off my Rogaine t-shirt, put both hands forward like an Australian Rules Football referee and shouted "I am in pole-position in my life". The crowed cheered again, as I started to dab Spiro cream onto horseshoe pattern with gusto. Before I ran off home, wiggling my jazz-hands above my head, continuously shouting "Hair-loss is great". "Hair-loss is great". "Hair-loss is great".
  10. http://minoxidil-direct.co.uk/ I think they ship the Rogaine from America, hence selling it in the UK.
  11. In case anyone don't know about it:- Minoxidil Direct
  12. Dr Lee's version. Let us know, I'll pay through paypal. Cheers
  13. http://minoxidil-direct.co.uk/ If you know a more cheaper & reliable place - let us know.
  14. I went to see him and travelled miles. He didn't really make me feel welcome and I left the surgery in doubt. He didn't really come across as caring. Quite cold infact. That was my experience anyway.
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