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  1. Good luck adam, i had my first HT with Dr Feller back in January 2007 and allthough NY was FREEZING COLD, it was a great time to go and Great Neck was a really nice area to stay. Like you, i booked a hotel in Manhatten after the HT and im sure you will have a great time. When you arrive at JFK, DONT jump in a yellow cab, for some complicated reason you will end up paying over $100 to Great Neck like i did. Pre book a Great Neck cab . They charge approx $42 and know where your hotel is !!! GREAT NECK TAXI CORP - (516) 482-0077 and (516) 466-0130 . Hope this helps. All the best, Jas
  2. Regarding the AHS thing, Im sure other people who fell victim to the Laser Therapy Scam have got some money back because AHS are clearly Misleading the facts. When they finally agreed to refund 70% of my money i had to sign a form stating i would not go to the press or take any Legal action, Basically, GO QUIET ! At the time i was just glad to get most off my money back and as for going to the press, Forget That ! There was no way my WORK MATES were ever going to find out i sat under a useless laser Hub for over 8 months like a Twat !! Seriously, Any newbies reading, DONT GO THERE, Yes it works for some people but its only the Minox (Rogain) part of the Therapy that works. Im sure you can buy this yourself for less than £100 for a six month supply. AHS will charge you between £1600 - £2400, READ the BBC WATCHDOG Report !!!!! If you have already been conned, Push for your money Back ! Dont worry about the contract that states you might not see any improvment. If you still have the paperwork with their claim of a 80% success rate, This is your Ace Card. The true rate is much lower ! Go to Tradings Standards. They helped me find independent Reports Stating there was NO evidence lasers Re-grow hair. Print off the WATCHDOG Report. Put all this in a strong letter. DONT accept the WIG, Write a FINAL LETTER BEFORE ACTION. This done the trick for me and i hope it helps someone else.
  3. Hi Guys, intending to get all my "Before and After" pics from the doc to-date from both HTs. Hopefully i can do this via spex. Have tried attaching a few pics from my pc (approx 1 month post op) but its having none of it ??? I really am a novice at this sort of thing.
  4. Hi there, after gaining some great knowledge from this site over the last 18 months and having the good fortune to come across spex just in time, its time to give something back and apoligies for not doing so sooner. Im a 38 year old Diffuse Thinner and started noticing my thinning hair in my early thirties but was not to worried at the time. In 2005 it was becoming more noticable and being a local DJ working in town every weekend, decided to do something about it. FIRST BIG MISTAKE, went to A.H.S , had a consult and was told the Laser Therapy would thicken up my up my hair with a success rate of 80%. Looked at all the photos of these sports celebs with "great results" and basically fell for all the B*** S***. At a price of £2000 (thats with a supposed 20% discount) decided to proceed. After sitting in a chair once a week for 8 months with a laser on my head and applying Minoxidil5% twice daily, i was looking no better. After much research, realised the laser bit of the therapy was not proven and only the minox would of made a differance if any? (at a cost of less than £100 on its own) This made the true success rate MUCH LOWER and with all these facts in hand asked for my money back. They offered me the Famous WIG for Free or Nourkrin tabs and Laser comb but told them firmly i had been misled and despite my signing a contract that stated i might not see any improvment, there was clearly a breach of contract and would take legal action. After some more negotiation and a final letter i accepted an offer of £1400 as a matter of "Goodwill" on there part. Maybe i could of pushed for the full 2K but was just glad to get some back as Court Action would of been risky. SO IF U HAVE BEEN CONNED WITH THE LASER THERAPY PLEASE PUSH FOR YOUR MONEY BACK !!!!!!!!! Now i`ve got that off my chest, on we go. It was after this bad experiance that i realised the only realistic chance of an improvment was a H.T. In 2006 i spoke to a guy called Phill who then worked for HDC based in Cyprus. He seemed friendly and not to pushy and gave me my first insight into the HT world. I then noticed in a national Newspaper, the uk based "The Hospital Group" did HTs and made an appointment. A few weeks later i had a consultation with a guy called tarquin. (Im sure he was about 8 foot tall !) anyway half way threw the consult his mobile rang. Apparently it was Bruce Forsyths son who had recently had a HT with the H.Group saying how PLEASED he was with the results ! This def must be a sales ploy so BEWARE He told me to get on the meds (DUT) Which i did and come back i six months to Book HT. Luckly for me in this time i came across Spex. Up untill this point, little did i know how bad the uk was for HTs . When i first met up with spex in Sep 2006 he mentioned all the Good docs around and i was impressed with his honesty and results and after a few days of more research decided to book my first HT with Dr FELLER on 12/01/07 Travelled to JFK on the Thursday, had the surgery on Friday, came home on the sunday. Stayed in a Hotel opposite central Park West, close to Harlem (this place really is like it is on the movies, shit myself at night ! but NYC was great. On morning of surgery got cab at 6am, got to Fellers at 6.45am as was paranoid not to be late. Had a light breakfast at the Starbucks down the road then met the main man at about 7.35am. Talked about what i wanted and then he marked my new Hairline. Was not looking foreward to the injections but it really was`ent that bad. After the Adreniline rush to my head had passed (10MINS) the doc cut the Strip, put the staples in and NO PAIN . Surgery went really well and ended up having 2700 Grafts into Front third and A New Hairline. Because the doc has to shave the Transplant area and id let my hair grow longer pre-op, i thought this looked weird so i asked the techs to buzz the rest down to a GRADE 1. They were shocked and tried to persuade me not to but OFF IT ALL CAME ! I forgot sbout the SCAR and STAPLES and when i looked in the mirror realised why. I looked like Frankenstines Monster ! The techs joked i would`ent need to wear a cap in Harlem as i would fit in just fine!!!!! Anyway, the job was done and by 3.30pm i was on my way back to the Hotel with my HAPPY tablets for the forthcoming pain. Was dreading the first night but took the tabs and although i was abit uncomtable still no PAIN. Next day i did some shopping and sight-seeing and felt o.k, just tired. Sunday morning got taxi back to JFK and had no trouble getting threw security and never had to take my cap off. For the next 4 weeks i stayed out the loop and applied the aloa vera gel and this really does help. Most of my original hair grew back and i put on CURVE around the scar area to hide the Shockloss. Week 5, back to work. It took about 12 weeks before the redness faded in the recip area but it helped having some of my original hair in the front third to hide this. Suffered the odd bought of post op blues but nothing bad. 12 MONTHS LATER; Was very impressed with my new hairline but slightly disappointed i had not reached the desired density i hoped for but in-all, was a Def improvement. I then decided id need a "2nd stab at the cherry" and got in touch with spex again in JAN 2008. After a brief consult, He emailed some pics to Dr Feller and my second HT was booked for FRIDAY 23rd may 2008. 22/05/2008 ; Same as before, Flew out on Thursday, Surgery planned for Friday, Home on Sunday. Stayed at the Hilton NY this time. Great hotel. Morning of surgery, same drill as before, Had breakfast at Starbucks, then the 5 min walk to FELLER-MEDICALL full of anticipation. THE BIG DAY HAD FINALLY ARRIVED. Waited for Dr FELLER (7.30am) but was not prepared for what happened next. The doc greeted me outsde and by the look on his face i knew something was seriously WRONG. A few hours earlier the main power transformer for the whole building had BLEW UP and there was NO power at all! I was absolutly gutted but it was out the docs hands. He gave me a lift to Great Neck Station and assurred me he would do everything possible, even do the surgery on SAT or SUNDAY while i was in NYC but it was not to be as the power was not restored untill the middle of the following week. Still enjoyed my time in NY with my familly but was still in shock on the way home with my hair untouched. Maybe i`ll win the lottery next with such odds??? When i got home spex phoned me and sorted out another date in SEPTEMBER. I was determind to get this done and somehow wrangled some more time off work. 11/09/2008 - Flew out again to JFK and stopped at the INN AT GRAET NECK this time. Great hotel and Great Neck is a very friedly upmarket place. The surgery was booked for FRIDAY 12 SEP and Happy to report there was no POWER CUTS THIS TIME. Everything went well. The doc removed my old Scar and managed to get just over 2000 grafts into the front third. The Doc reduced the price of the HT to cover my flight costs even though it was not his fault last time. My crown and mid section still have plenty of coverage and wont be touching this hopefully for a long time. Got back in the uk on the monday 15th Sep and im now 19 DAYS POST OP. Left my staples in 14 days this time as this was my 2nd HT, and so far the scar looks as good as before with no stretching (as yet). Seem to be healing even quicker this time and should be back at work within 1-2 weeks. Dr Feller told me if i wanted any further work in the future it would have to be FUE as my laxity would not allow another STRIP. Just for the record, ive be taking DUT 0.5mg every other day since 2006 and have not lost no more hair in the Mid-Crown region so it must be working. Not experienced any sides so far. Just looking foreward to the outcome and hopefully it will be all good. Finally, im done guys, Thanks for taking the time to read all this and especially to spex and the Feller Team for putting me on the right track before i nearly made another BIG mistake. Apologies for no pics as yet but will try and sort this in the future. Will keep u updated.
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