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  1. tbf, spex.... thanks guys, it's very reassuring to know that it's normal to have what I'm experiencing. But it seems kinda odd that we should shed multiple times in a year. Do we eventually experience more gain than loss? Sure hope so. What has your experience been over the years guys?
  2. I'm having the same problem! I'm one year into proscar too (plus minoxidil for 2 years), and I'm losing hair again. I thought the shedding phase was supposed to be 3 months after starting treatment, not a whole year! It's kinda strange, cuz I didn't experience any shedding after 3 months of starting proscar. I'm worried the proscar just isn't working for me :s I will carry it on for another year though, just incase this IS a delayed shedding phase. Input about similar experience would be much appreciated
  3. Does anyone know the cheapest place I can get Nizoral 2% from? I used to be able to get Nizoral for really good deals from ebay. But no-one seems to sell it anymore. Boots charge far to much for a puny 60ml bottle. Any input would be much appreciated
  4. Bahh I haven't taken the pics . Is it worth me taking 6months post-propecia and 12months post-propecia pics? I started minoxidil 1 year ago. It grew some hair back, and reduced the amount of hair loss. I then started propecia 6 months ago, and it doesn't seem to have made too much of a difference to my rate of hairloss with minoxidil alone.
  5. Hi folks I ordered proscar from Dr Ashcroft (Specs' GP), and have been on it for 6 months (1mg/day). I haven't seen a lot of progress though, and just wondered if some of you guys would share your experiences with me. How long did it take before proscar/propecia started working for YOU? I've also been on minoxidil 5% for over a year, and started on Nizoral ~6months ago.
  6. wtf? no way! that's half the price I'M paying! how do you get a hold of it?
  7. Incase anyone thinks this Dr Ashcroft guy is a fraud who will cash your cheque and give you nothing in return..... think again, cuz you can find his name listed on the GMC (General Medical Council) website, GMC website, click here, where you simply follow the 'check a doctor's registration status' under the 'help for patients' section. You may ask for his GMC number when you call him ^^
  8. well the way i've worked around that issue, is by growing my hair long, since minoxidil only has contact with the roots if you know how to apply it correctly - with a pipette instead of a spray. Also, you need only leave minoxidil on for 2 hours before it dries completely, and you can run a comb through your hair and/or apply something like mousse (is that how you spell mousse?). (Remember however, not to wash your scalp for at least 4 hours after applying minoxidil, cuz it'll reduce its effectiveness). I know it's a bit of a hassle, but if you're at work you can always carry around a pocket-sized can of mousse or tub of gel, pop into the gents and slap some on.
  9. LOL!!!!! HAHAHAAAAAA omg! that's the biggest load of crap i've ever heard! haha I'm sorry to have to be rude, but I can't help it! when I was reading what that Sanzi guy had to say, I thought I'd just come across the dumbest post ever! - but his moment of fame was short-lived when I scrolled down and heard what that 'hairless' dude had to say, lol! D'ya think these ********* guys are funded by the NHS or by some other body ? These people con their wages out of idiots like YOU! Well actually i don't think Sanzi is an idiot, cuz he works for them, so he's just an opportunistic thief . Lol I pay a MAXIMUM of £15 a month for my hairloss (propecia, minox, nizoral), and my hair's growing back fine - and you're trying to convince people to pay more than £110??? Quote: "I really tehink the whole package is worth the money as I'm not just getting the products - I'm getting much more." LOL! w ould you like to tell use what this "much more" is? They don't by any chance have fit 'tricologist' babes massaging your scalp do they? or maybe a little more than just the scalp? Quote from 'hairloss': "I think i'm going to give them a go also ... and i'm going to pay double what the ask for because they are nice people who are not interested in my money at all." LOOOOL! firstly, are you Bill Gates? or that other dude.... umm Richard Branson? Oh, wait.... I here those guys are clever. Hmmm i suppose you must be one of their intelectually neglected, but financially lavished sons. Quote from 'brainless, i mean 'hairloss': "I too can't be bothered spending 10 mins on the net ordering my stuff....what a ball ache" But you CAN be bothered to get out of your door and take a monthly trip to the ********* center where they do jack-all to complement your hairloss treatment? Quote from 'hairloss': "At the end of the dayall they want to do is help me" ........ must I say anymore?
  10. brioni: I was told that i could take proscar whenever i wanted, regardless of when I ate. I'd simply advise that you stick to a fixed timetable - like before you go to bed EVERY night, or when you get up EVERY morning. If you have today's dose just before bed, and tomorrow's dose when you wake up, and the day after tomorrow's dose before you go to bed, there'll be a huge gap between doses. sonywebster: I'd split the msm up a little thru the day, so you get a constant, slow-releasing supply.
  11. gee, thx kyle ^^ you know, the way we men feel about our hair is just so dumb! I admit, i'm a victim to this stupidity as well - the way we look is such a small thing to women - it's just a factor on the side. Whereas for us men, we judge women most importantly by their looks, they judge US by our words & our assertiveness. I've seen plenty of ugly guys who are bald with beautiful women, and good looking guys who don't have a chance!!!!!!! The only reason a lot of good looking guys DO have beautiful women, is because they've also got the stupid belief that their looks are everything - so their good looks fuel their confidence, and it's their confidence that gets them laid! When the ugly ones can fuel their confidence from knowing the truth - that their looks don't matter, they get laid too! Not only do men and women have different bodies, they think differently too
  12. I've never used concealers before, but with regards to applying gel.... I once read somewhere that it's prefered to use something that has little contact with the scalp, like hairsprays. If you lavishly apply gel all over, and get a load of it on your scalp, and you apply minoxidil at the same time, then the gel will dilute the effect of the minoxidil. Washing is fine, I've heard of no reaction whatsoever. Just be sure to leave the minoxidil in your hair for at least 4 hours for it to take its full effect, THEN wash your hair with whatever shampoo you want. The biggest problem with minoxidil is it does make ur hair look kinda shite while it's on. Although your aim is to apply it only on your scalp, you can't help but get a load of it on your hair while applying to the scalp. And the fact that you have to apply it twice daily doesn't make things easier. However with time, you do get used to it - and as you become more proficient at applying it, your hair wont look as bad. hope that's helpful. Not sure if anyone else has any input on minoxidil + concealers?
  13. Follow this link: Pred's guide+links to hairloss treatment In brief, i get minoxidil from ebay from a very reliable seller. 5% of the Kirkland brand for ~£5 a month (a year's supply) - works just the same as the original stuff, only it's a little more greasy. I get propecia in the form of proscar (where proscar is 5mg and propecia is 1mg, u jus gotta break the proscar tablet into 5 pieces) for £8 a month, from the GP of 'spex', who's the don-daddy of this forum. Now you may not feel confident about sending your money to a guy who's details are posted on a forum, but if you go to http://www.gmc-uk.org/, you'll find that Spex's GP really is a registered general practitioner in the UK, and hence can be trusted sooo with my trusty calculator.... i worked out that 5+8 = £13 a month ^^ oh, i'm such a mathematical genious ! lol
  14. great! now i feel guilty! lol . I was in a bit of a bad mood yesterday, sorry for losing my cool. I wish you luck in resolving your hairloss issues Nams
  15. lol! don't be cruel to your GP like that. GPs have to know about hundreds upon hundreds of illnesses, and hairloss itself is not even considered an illness. So you really can't expect your GP to know much about it unless he/she has a special interest in it. Tell your GP you have reason to believe your condition may not be just Male pattern baldness, and ask him/her to refer you to a dermatologist.
  16. the shedding period totally varies. It depends on how many of your hair follicles are in their non-pigmented stage, where they're very small, without any pigment, and can hardly be seen. I think its mostly these that fall out and get replaced. I think in general, the shedding phase stops after 3 months, after which the shedded hair gets replaced by new, stronger follicles. And the reason why you only see results after 6 months, is because it takes another 3 months for these new hairs to grow long enough for them to be seen. STAY AWAY FROM *********! they'll rip you off! there are plenty of links were you can get real cheap stuff right here on this forum!
  17. Oh fiiiiine just go-ahead and ignore the fact that I offered a helping hand too! Not that spex's advice isn't helpful.... but it doesn't hurt to thank me as well does it?
  18. haven't looked around for the 12% stuff yet myself, but I'd say you can get ANYTHING they offer at ********* cheaper somewhere else. The reason being, those guys charge you not only for their products, but you're also paying their wages - the only funding they get is from their customers. They're a total rip-off! I was offered minoxidil + propecia + laser-comb for ~£90 a month! lol i'm paying £13 a month without the laser-comb.... but what good is some once-a-month, non-proven laser-treatment gona do anyways? If you take my advice, you'll stay away from *********
  19. hair-loss treatments work differently for different people. I was told minoxidil would start working after 6 months, but luckily i began seeing results after 3 months. If i were you, I would perhaps combine proscar with minoxidil, as they each have different effects. proscar is a DHT blocker, while minoxidil increases the blood flow to your hair follicles. anyways, good luck guys - keep at it with the proscar, i've just started myself, and i wont give up on it until at least for a year!
  20. Kyle, follow this link: Hair-loss-treatment (the big 3) there are many other sources on this forum, jus have a browse around. Yah PB, i totally agree..... perhaps it's even MORE difficult the older you are, cuz you've had your full head of hair for soo long, and you've grown more and more accustomed to it.
  21. sorry PB, i'm afraid i have to disagree with hairloss, the best time to act is ASAP! the sooner you act, the better the results you'll get. Nams... if you're getting patchy hair-loss, i think you should consult your GP, as I'm quite sure that I read somewhere once that patchy hairloss happens because of a fungal infection or something - not too sure. However, if it's just one patch - the crown of your head, then you only need to apply minoxidil to that area and a small radius around it. Apply twice daily, and leave on for 4 hours before washing (2 hours before re-styling ur hair). I also use nizoral 2% shampoo, as there is evidence on pubmed, that it serves to numb DHT receptors in hair follicles. good luck
  22. Pred's Beginner's Guide to Hair-loss try that link, i explained a loada things to a newbie in the field, and he didn't so much as say thanks! lol you CAN get cheap minoxidil - ebay is a good place ,there's also this online site who's link u might find if you follow the above link. Good luck
  23. well on this link: Nizoral Dosage it says to apply it every day for the first 14 days, and then to apply twice a week. I'm doing that, just finished my hectic 14-days of leaving it in my hair for 4 minutes (i'm in need of some deep conditioning now, lol Nizoral sux at that field of haircare).
  24. ahhh i see. My hair is balding every where except the sides and back i'm afraid (sorry, i don't know how to upload a picture ). The hairline isn't receded as much as yours PB, but there's general thinning up to the vertex of the head. I'm keeping it at bay with minoxidil, so i don't know if the hair i still have because of minoxidil has to be replaced. Thanks for getting back to me, i really do appreciate it
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