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  1. A man is sitting at the bar sobbing into his drink.


    The barman asks "What's wrong pal you look mighty upset ?.


    The man replies "I've just found my best friend having sex with my wife"


    "Wow, that's bad" says the barman, "did you say anything to him!"


    "I sure did" replies the man "I said bad dog, you bad bad dog"



    Enjoy AGT !!

  2. There is a 2 page article about Shaun Williamson, Barry from ex-eastenders fame and his hair transplant in Todays Daily Mail, 22March.


    The documentary about it "Wish you were hair" will be shown on Discovery and Health ( A new channel from Discovery, launching in May ) at 9pm on Tuesday, May 24.




  3. Thanks everyone for the great advice.


    Have been away so unable to post.


    Ordered Propecia from the main site, got it next day. Great service.


    Have been on it almost a month.


    No side effects at all.


    Shedding appears to have slowed down.


    Bit early but seems promising.


    Will keep you posted.



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