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  1. i have read good things about it
  2. the previous work is awful looks like feller has sorted it out with a real dense job
  3. thanks for letting us knowshaft you only have a littlr longer now to wait until it all starts
  4. looks good so early on
  5. i just watched this and the other ones really good way to see the results
  6. thanks for the update looks good for 5 months
  7. no one from armain went on that topic silence is defening
  8. think gasman has done a lot of research cole was dropped from a couple of forums after porr results and his attitude toward patients never answerd a direct question about the difference between fit fue coz there is no difference he had to drop price to get buiness dont know anything about other one but i think you pay for what you get
  9. if you stop taking it now you will more than likely loose a lot of ground
  10. i wouldnt trust a co over the internet it could be anything
  11. disgusting marketing armani king of the bullshiters
  12. i think feller has wanted people to stay in great neck for a while now http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1442
  13. i know its only 2 wekks since last update but has the sprouting started to increase
  14. looks really good hairoot thaks for the picstures they look great already
  15. i would like to see feller for a consult i will email you
  16. like spex says just call him as he is very helpful
  17. thanks for taking the time to write good luck with the healing
  18. hairless


    looks really good zip well done so far
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