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  1. you sound a little confused but you are in the best place pocssible as there are many experienced guys here. i have not had a transplant yet but i am going to go with dr feller in new york as he has proven time and time agian to be the very best out there. there are other great clinics like hasson and wong and the likes but its feller for me.

    if you are nw2/3 you will need approx 2000/2500 grafts it depends what you want to achieve.

    see this link of various pictures to help get a better idea.

    also grafts and hairs are different.


    grafts is the normal term there are a couple of hairs per graft but guy like feller, hw disect them down so 1's at the front hairline but 2's behind. this is normal practise.


    see link to many great pictures http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=727


    avoid the uk :ph34r: and do not list to bs about they can perfom as well as the guys in the states as there is so many unhappy uk guys here and on other forums.

    best look into traveling as its cheaper and you can get the best like feller,hw,etc


    if in the uk also look at spex site as he helps so many uk repair guys out get in touch with feller.

    you have found the right place to look at ht's and get good acurate info :)

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