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    Hey Just had my 1st PRP treatment with Dr Rogers yesterday All went well Interesting to see what will happen in the next coming months I also had my 3rd HT with Dr Feller back in December 2010, slow growth, but the crown area is known for this... Also met Dr Lindsey and Spencer a few weeks ago... Depending on my results from my HT with Dr Feller, I won't really know what to do or if I need any more work done until at least another 12 months... pictures will be up soon, still waiting for my pre op pics from Dr Feller..
  2. Hi mate What progress have you had with prp as of now? Regards
  3. Hi all Just an up-date really 3 months today... still very early days, but I do have spots which means that it's all about to sprout... not much to show, hopefully by the 5 months mark, i'll have some pic's loaded up... Spex, any updates on my pics from the doc? Regards
  4. Hey Guys I did it again, for those who know me, I had my 3rd HT with Dr Feller on the 17th December, so it's been 1 month today... Unfortuneately, I can't post any pictures as I'm still waiting for these (Spex, any progress?) but as soon as I have them I shall post them on here... My first HT consisted of just under 2,500 grafts placed on the front third My 2nd HT consisted of just over 2,500 grafts placed on the hairline and front third My 3rd was just over 1,600 grafts placed on the front third and crown Total of over 6,600 grafts, with enough doner for 1 more small strip and FUE after that, however, Dr Feller tells me I won't need any more, unless I get greedy... Will post pics soon Grow well everybody... Many thanks to Dr Feller, Spex and their staff.... looking fwd to the results...
  5. don't go anywhere near the UK I would recommend New York, to to www.fellermedical.com I have just recently had my 3rd HT with them, and can't wait for the results...
  6. will do a write up for my 3rd ht after I get pics from Dr Feller can't wait )
  7. it's a doddle painless Spex, one question, as I'm having my 3rd HT, will my scar stretch any more than it has already? how long would i have to keep staples in to ensure minimal stretching i know last last time i kept them in for 14 days
  8. MR T

    My Crown

    my beard hair is thick in fact i started sprouting facial hair at 11 years old! lol
  9. MR T

    My Crown

    have u considered body/beard hair? myine are very thick, so it could wrk for me...
  10. Pb No I havent had my bridge are ht'd if i need it, i'm hoping i'd be ure age, by then I wud use beard hair and chest hair... who knw's what the future holds... u tried prp?
  11. MR T

    What's Up?

    I think it has hit, people are more cautious with their money... I wud have had my 3rd HT ages ago, but with the recession, didnt want to part with my cash in case I got made redundant... I am booked in for the 17th December now...
  12. awesome result!!!! i want 3,500 grafts next ht!
  13. MR T

    Ians 3rd Ht

    I gotta give it a go, as its only recently in the last 2 years that i had lost more native hair, so with the scalp still being fresh so to speak, its gotta be worth a go... and if it works, then no more meds
  14. MR T

    Ians 3rd Ht

    no worries i defo have the laxity, just hope the doner is there too u tried prp? im having it done next month
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