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  1. Just received my package from Dr Ashcroft. However, they're pretty small tablet and cutting into 5 is pretty difficult, although cutting into 4 is manageble. Taking a quarter for 4 days then having a day off is alright yes?
  2. cheers dudes. Have ordered 80 squids worth from Dr Ashcroft.
  3. wow thats some serious improvement! I also, feel very frustrated that I only found out about this medication a week or so ago... wish I'd discovered it a couple of years ago
  4. Hello, Im new on here. Just wanted to enquire about some of the benefits fo Proscar. I have only been reading this forum for the last couple of days (slightly frustrated as I should have found this a couple of years ago) and come across a few people who use this medication. I am 23 and my hair started receeding when I was about 20. At the mo when my hair is not wet it doesn't look that bad, although I can notice obvious differences even if others cant. All the men in my family are bald so I guess I never really stood a chance, however if I can minimise the loss I will be happy. I've seen the success rate stats of the drug but I would like to ask for opinions on people who actually use it every day. Has it stopped your hair falling out? How long after you started taking it did you notice your hair wasn't receeding any further? Did you have side effects, if so did they go away upon continuous use of the drug? Does the use of alcohol/protein/recreational drugs influence the effectiveness? Like I say, I just want to hear people who've actually used the drug's views and hear your experiences. I think I'll get in touch with Dr Ashcroft for a purchase aslo.. Great forum guys, really is. Thanks
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