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  1. Good evening chaps, This is a little off topic but I was hoping some of you could help. A few weeks back there was a thread posted by someone with a link to an article about natural products and how they could help cure baldness. The website itself was very imformative and I used that link to go on the site!!...but now its been deleted lol...can anyone remeber the site? or whoever posted it could you re post it pleaseee!! the website is put together by one guy and had hundreds of articles about all nautal drugs, if that helps jog anyones memory! sorry to bother everyone else who isnt intrested! cheers, Kris
  2. Cheers for the reply's guys, except PB's and his big grin!! i am going to get some proscar as soon as i can afford it. ( students dont have this luxury you call ca$$h ) Kris
  3. Hey Everyone, I dont post that often on here but I am always reading up on this forum because alot of you post some really helpful tips. Like mostly all of you my hair has been thinning over the past few years and I would like to try and halt this (and really hopefully grow some hair back). I am 21 years old and this has been happing since I was 18. For a year now I have been using regaine, fincar 1.25mg(which ive been told could be useless!) and Nizoral shampoo. Just recently I have added MSM(but have also read somewhere that this has not been proven to do anything), multivitams and minerals. I still have hair on my head which is obviously a good thing but it's still clearly thinning and I cant even tell if ive slowed down the proccess. I just wondered if anyone would like to share exactly what regime and products they use and what success they are having. Maybe it would help us all decide exactly how to tackle our hairloss? One other thing, is there anything else I should be doing to try and halt my own hairloss? thanks for reading! Kris
  4. Hello, yeh I mentioned this on here a while back but no one replied. its an intresting webiste but I dont think it would help that much. Is there ANY over comments on what this guy is doing? kris
  5. cheers spex, for some reason I can only find the 750mg tabs online..maybe iam just been rather stupid for not finding them! Ill take 3 of them daily anyway Regards Kris
  6. Hello, anyone, or more specifially spex! I been reading the forum and youve mentioned this can help with growing hair quicker and also keeping it healthy. Anyway I cant seem to find 3000mg size anywhere. I just wondered if there is a website or link you could send me to? Help from anyone would be great, thanx Kris
  7. I guess know1 thinks this is a good idea or has come across this before then?????
  8. Now I don't know if anyone has seen or heard of this but I came across it the other day. http://www.hairloss-reversible.com/my_approach.htm This has to be a load of rubbish yeah??? Well I found the site a pretty intresting read anyway lol Has anyone come across this or a simaler idea before? Kris
  9. Second that, or 3rd it should i say. I went away for a year and entered loads of different countys. it wasnt a problem even in the dodgyist of them kris
  10. Faa hi Just wondered if you were using Dutasteride? Would like some more info on this stuff if thats possible. Would you say its worth givin it a try? Kris
  11. Spex! Quick question if I may? After reading this forum I thought id try MSM tablets..firstly where did you get 3000mg from? I cant seem to find that size anywhere. Secondly I did find MSM with omega-3 included aswell. Ive heard this can help aswell? Wondered if I should give that a try? Cheers, Kris
  12. Hey guys I am new to this site and just wanted some advice. I currently use all of the 3 we are talking about but the propecia I use is fincar..Are these the same stuff or am I wasting my time? If so where can I get a cheap alternative as Iam a student and strapped for cash. Also one last question, Does anyone know of any hair thicking shampoo's that are worth a try..ive heard some of these are pretty good. Thanks for your time, Kris
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