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    6 month update.
  2. Hi Thinhair.. sorry to hear that you are still having concerns about your HT... I looked at the photo but its hard to tell from such a close up.... things sort of look ok to me.. Has Spex or Dr F commented on your pics ? Tim
  3. Hi mucky.. I live in Essex too.... would have loved to just "pop down the road" for an HT..... did that 14 years ago and just ended in tears.... Not seen one pic that convinces me that the UK is worth saving the time and airfare for.... Cheers
  4. Hi guys.. well.... here are a couple of pics that show what i think is the results of Proscar after about 8 months on my mid section... Proscar is the only thing that I can put this down to... I had an HT with Dr Feller on the 8th of April.. but must stress that no grafts where placed into the area shown in the photos.. I have read that continuing improvements can be made upto 2 years... but a already happy with the results now. Another thing I would add is that I have started using Rogaine but only in the past couple of months and only once a day... so I do not put any growth down to this as yet... I did start to take Propicia about 5 years ago.. but only for about a month... stopped taking it as my girlfriend at the time told me I was crazy and not to worry about my hair... I now think that was a VERY big mistake !! Anyway... here are the pics as promised..
  5. Timuk

    Tim Uk

    Cheers BHuk... would have to go along way to catch up with you mate.. but I am happy with the progress so far.. just patients... patients... and more patients... Cheers Spex.. just amazed how fast the time has flown.... will be posting 6 month pics before I know it
  6. Timuk

    Tim Uk

    Hi guys.. just a quick 5 month update to show what is happening.. have posted a wet and dry .. the pics do not show the extent of the thinning of my crown and mid-section... can say that I am not bothered about that s my aim was for a natural looking hairline to rid me of that Pluggy look I had from the UK butcherings years ago.. Pics taken just after a haircut.... buzzed down to 1".. The only issue I have is with the donor area... the old scars are showing and giving that "racing stripe look"... spoke to Spex today... most probably shock loss in the donor and still months to go before I can see the full effect... Cheers guys Tim
  7. Thinhair... try to chill mate... I know thats 100% easier said than done. We all have concerns during this time and it seems to go on forever... I am at 4 months and still a long way to go. I do not think that any surgery is as easy as we hope to get over... please.. give it another 3 months and think about it then. PS. Re PB being edited... not happy about that. This forum and PB are about the best I have ever found. There are many good guys on here and PB that are only looking out for guys best interests. I think that SLHN and PB should support each other. Tim
  8. Hmmmm.. well.. I sent several emails to some major record companies... will have to wait and see.. Don't fancy EMI.. so will probably accept an offer from Sony... Now... just off to search for my first crib...
  9. I agree.. Right.. Plan of action !! I am going out tomorrow to sign up a major record deal.. make millions... become a drug addict.. buy a huge house in LA and fill it with more drungs, expensive cars and blonde women who are just after my money... Will let you all know if my hair grows back !! Tim
  10. Timuk

    Tim Uk

    Cheers Hairym.. yep.. just the old waiting game... cant believe that its nearly 4 months now, the time has flown by... feeling more positive about things now but a step backwards at the moment invloving a rash decision, hair clippers and my sister in a hurry !! Never mind Will post some updates soon. As Spex says... "never underestimate these post op blues".... but light at the end of the tunnel now in sight !! Cheers Tim
  11. Timuk

    Tim Uk

    Cheers BH Just looked on your thread.. man you are one lucky guy... over the moon for you Tim
  12. BHuK.. wow... cheers mate.. always great to see such fantastic results and I am very happy for you. That feeling of being able to go out and about feeling "normal" again must be fantastic... cant wait for the day that I can post the same.. Do me a favour if you get a chance... post your pics on PB's forum.. there are a couple of other guys on there that saw Feller around the same time as I did... we are all still sort of in the "post op blues" stage and I think your pics would be a great moral boost for them (as they have been for me).. Also never hurts to show them what a Top Doc our saviour Dr Feller is.. Cheers Tim
  13. BH.. where are you... its well past the 12th June.. hope all is ok with you.. I am sure it is... an update would be great.... I and a couple of guys are in the "blues" stage at the moment.. but just "turning the corner".. a Spex saying :-).. would be a good to see what we have to come... Cheers mate Tim
  14. Hi Quiff.. I have to admire you for returning to the "world" so quick.. I hid away in the USA for nearly 2 weeks post op.. was silly really as made the Andrew Hotel room my own personal prison cell, feel stupid now for not exploring... all I managed was a trip to the local shops once a day...then when I got home did not go out for another 4 weeks... (bloody murder).. still wearing a cap but hope to get rid of it soon.. Cheers mate Tim
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