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  1. Hey guys, ive used 5% Kirkland minox for probably 3 years now and ive grown back so much of my frontal hair (especially as its not officially for that). My question is that would i grow even more with the 12.5%? Is it worth trying? Has anyone else done the same?
  2. Gav, not sure if you are aware or not, but this is the simplicity of it: Finn/Dut: stops/slows hairloss Minox: actually grows hairs Ive been using minox on my front (im early twenties, prob got most hair on this board by far) and ive been regrowing my frontal line. It takes ages but ive managed to grow temple hair right back to a Brad Pitt hairline, but im just waiting to fill the small-receeded parts. Thats how effective it is, but it does take a long time!
  3. I have been out the loop for a couple of years. Did DUT turn out to be better? How much more unsafe? I take 2.5mg daily of finn and im fine (touch wood)....
  4. might sound stupid, but encourage him to go to the gym and work out it will boost his self confidence and also if he was worried about thinning hair, having a great body is a way to counter this! buy LOTS of minoxidil from m.direct and just use it like 4 times a day- thats what i do and ive also got growth on the front! im in my twenties too
  5. It's not clinically-proven - FDA approval for 'medical devices' is different to FDA approval for drugs; the former only covers safety, not efficacy. True! There was some sort of test in america apparently. They featured the comb in a mens fitness magazine i saw. ive got it, like i said- hard to judge really. i just use it incase- if it works - great, if not- wasnt a mortgage i took out......
  6. I dont really see it mentioned, but its apparently proven as the third treatment? Im using it but its hard to evaluate after 2 months. I think i feel increase blood flow though.....
  7. the people who said it was 'permanent' didnt ride it out and gave up, hence it seemed 'permanent' to them im in my early twenties, have been on propecia for 3.5 years and minox for 2 years, front and crown- my hair is thick as hell now, gone from a norwood 2.5 to a 1, im even starting to get a really good tight hairline!
  8. What is this product, and how did you get hold of it? You should be very careful before taking steroids - testicular atrophy, baldness and breast enlargement are just some of the potential complications... don't take prescription-controlled drugs without consulting a real doctor! no, havent got any but was just interested as i had read about it increasing facial hair
  9. Hi guys, im thinking of using DHT cream because apparently it can help increase the amount of facial stubble you have. However, from the very name of it i wondered would this increase general balding? Im already using minoxidil on head (and face), been on it for years (on head) Perhaps any of the doctors here know??
  10. In 1996 Rogaine went off patent, allowing other companies to produce 'generic' minoxidil. Kirkland should be reputable: it's a Costco brand, and Costco is one of the biggest American retailers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costco#Kirkland_Signature i use that website to get mine, i use a tonne of this stuff, usually get 2 year supplys every 5-6 months. i have used it at the front and got AMAZING results, front hairline and receeding areas filling up
  11. Hey guys, just thought i would give a few more of you fresh hope. Ive been using minox + finn for last 3 years and i can say that ive had terrific results. I dont really take pictures but ive had so much hair re-growth on the front, minox is definitely amazing. The key is that you shouldnt give up, just keep at it and try to use minox 4 times a day, it DOES make a difference....
  12. Ive been using minoxidil on the temples for just over a year now, with a gap of 4 months last summer and i can say ive grown 20-30 new hairs either side. Ive concentrated so much that i forgot about the crown so now im gonna be doing both. I use the liquid version which is much better than the foam (if you can control the flow) because it stays on the skin for longer. Best method is to apply at the crown, let it run towards the receeding areas and then catch it and rub in. Its fair to assume if ive got results from the front (which minoxidil isnt designed for) i should be fine on the crown yeh?
  13. 2.5mg!!!! is that generic or real stuff? If so thats gonna cost a bomb!
  14. Other than financially- could i lose out by using the minox?
  15. see- i thought that it was FDA proven to reduce/help hairloss? Im on 1.66mg of Finn at the moment and i ordered some minoxidil- iv got it sitting upstairs and i dont know whether or not to use it
  16. Ok how many people here can honestly say that after using minox they have seen growth around the crown?
  17. thats stephen barnes sidekick (H******* *****) hes a complete prat whos the one with the pony tail? I saw him (dont worry i wasnt fooled into anything)
  18. cool faa, keep it up , sounds like propecia doin the biz for u .... i shuda tried propecia 1st myself really mmmmm (o well) , its just that i had a consultation with a uk based transplant company (H******* *****), n he sold me the story of dut , THANKFULLY (phew !!) i read a bit about HTs just after , n found out t Stay well Clear of that gaff (I have flash visions of the scars n no growth now as i type) one thing the doc (ahem) i mean Sales rep did tell me about that was true , was propecia and duT and how they help (so i got sommit usefull from there) i purchased 3 months dut , n then another privatly elswere (both gsk versions) so ye its like near 6months ive been on it. still sheeding like , hairs on me cloths tops/ shower .. keyboard etc etc .... i,d say month 3/4 in was prolly my least shedding.... did you go to their harley street surgery? i went but only for the free consultation (milking it lol), was interested in dut, they never got back to me??? i emailled them 3 times and nothing! lol think its cos i asked for a discount on the dut haha
  19. FAO St Domingos Nah im on finnasteride at the moment, im taking 1.66mg daily and i think its halting the hairloss. As ive only just upped the anti- ive gotta take pics over the next few months. Like spex said, atleast if you can ride finasteride out until it doesnt work, you can then use dut. I reckon say on finnasteride for another 5 years there'll probably be another drug out soon anyway. Perhaps this is why glaxo cancelled the trails to invest in something MUCH better than finnasteride, instead of a lot better..... Theres so much money to be paid- there'll be another drug soon. Anyhow, as i said im on 1.66mg of finn and i dont get side effects.
  20. I also have problem ears - they stick out and are often red I don't have the kind of face that would suit a shaved head either so shaving wasn't an option for me. I also looked into getting my ears pinned back but I would need a nose job, lipo suction, and a jaw implant to get that masculine face, so I opted for a HT so that I can keep my hair long enough to blend my ears in to my head. I haven't managed to bulk myself up enough for it to be noticeable enough to take the attention away from my hair - I think you would have to be an official body builder to do that, which would mean taking steroids etc. which in turn would cause even more hair loss. oh i dont mean THAT big, i just mean generally big shoulders and arms lol hey im on 1.66mg of finnasteride daily now. I think the hairloss has slowed- its just as ive only changed to this doseage in august its hard to tell. plus im only just taking pictures.
  21. i very much doubt you're going to experience side-effects 6 months into the treatment- but im not a doctor. I know m8 , weird like maybe i need t get checked out f other stuff, but u cant rule out liver problems etc (doctors appointment me thinx , get some tests) been feelin Ruff for a while now what about liver problems (got me panicking now)?!?!?!?!?!!?
  22. I'm not on anything. I'm going to get a second HT to cover as much as I can with my remaining donor supply and if the area I'm not able to cover (crown) goes, so be it (well it's just about gone anyway). my back-up plan is just going shaven as ive got a masculine face- only problem is that i hate my ears and i may have rhino(cant remember the rest of the name) to change the shape of my ears. Its only the fact my ears stick out slightly that prevents me, but this is easilly sorted i believe. Do you find "bulking yourself up" takes away the attention from your face/hair?
  23. Can someone tell me where i can get avodart for £25 a month?!
  24. i very much doubt you're going to experience side-effects 6 months into the treatment- but im not a doctor.
  25. It's all about money, the crooks approving all this crap usually have shares in the companies selling the stuff. i used some minox last night, had a bath this morning (inc washing my hair) and i must have had 60 hairs in the bath afterwards. I must say the finna must be working as i'd be bald by now and im still a norwood 2. Im still thinking about going on dut only. Arent you on dut PB?
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