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  1. I pay 3 packs of proscar for £120 or 4 for £150
  2. whats going on with him? he was on Soccer AM today with a full head of (albeit scruffy) hair! wasn't he promoting HT on the back page tabloids for years?
  3. Pondle I started with this yesterday so will keep you informed, just for info it took nearly 2 weeks to arrive from order, Minoxidil direct , came from Florida!
  4. OMG we have a video! brilliant! bought a pill cutter so jobs a good one! been taking it for two days now, no more hair though!
  5. "cut the top off"? its basically round why not just take one every 4 days?
  6. so got my Proscar today but how on earth do i cut these everyday into quarters, let alone fifths?
  7. H_UK


    anybody who is on the brink of doing this consider the strong £ at the moment
  8. H_UK

    Fiirst Post.

    good news mate, i pity the fool who says you are losing your hair!
  9. Pondle thanks for taking the time to reply with such an informative post. the problem coming to this 'new' is that there is a lot of great info on here but it is very over-whelming! lots of people doing different things! I also understand that different people repond differently to certain drugs!, it took ten years to find a good drug combo/dose for my Epileptic wife so i know this from experiance! guess i am looking for a guide for an average joe, a start point if you like! so start with 1 mg/day Fin (maybe switch to Duc if not successfull?) rogaine foam twice daily 2000mg of MSM sound ok?
  10. have ordered some Proscar and have been looking at all the posts on this site regarding what you guys are taking. the problem i am having is how are you deciding what to try? is there a list somewhere showing all the various different meds with pros/cons and what they are best for? any help appreciated guys
  11. H_UK

    Fiirst Post.

    same here, great guy who will tell you exactly how it is like me you are fortunate to have found this forum early on thanks guys for the welcome, i have read a lot of posts on here and intend on reading a lot more.. just ordered my Proscar consignment!
  12. H_UK

    Fiirst Post.

    haha yea dont worry i have read enough on here to know where to go and where not to go! funny enough JI seemed like a ok guy!, very much a salesman but anyway 100 cats can't be wrong!
  13. Hi guys, where to start? I visited a clinic in Wakefield last week and upon my return had pretty much decided to go for a 1000 FUE in July, just about to put the deposit down but i decided to hold on 1 day and do some research and of course found this site, well after 4 hours browising i finally went to bed at 3am that morning with a headache! needless to say i have learnt so much, really feel for you guys who have had nighmare ops! since then i have ordered Proscar and have arranged a meet with Spex, will post some pics if you are interested.
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