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  1. First of all Haggis your a muppet and dont care much for your rants. Get over it. Here are some dry shots Hope they help Never been on any meds I personally do not believe in filling the pockets of drug companies with very little benefit unless you count Loreal I will try and take some scar shots if I can find it, there is very little to notice from the back
  2. Hi Thank you very much for the feedback all. I will make an attempt to put some dry shots on here at the beginning of the week. I believe in all it was 1800 grafts but Dr Rogers wil know the exact amount. I still can't take it in I went through with it and it was nearly a year ago now I was sitting here bricking it. It is one hell of an experience I am sure you will all agree with good and bad moments, but to be honest compared to way I feel now I am so glad I took the plunge.
  3. As you know I have been posting on here for some time. Although 99% of UK clinics get a hammering and rightly so, I was one of the lucky ones to find Dr Rogers clinic in the UK. I am now on month 10 and to be honest it is only the last month or so my HT has made a huge difference. I am guessing I am in the last phase of healing as my head no longer hurts at all and there is not visible scabbing. I have not been back to see Dr Rogers and I am terrible at replying to posts this is due to the fact I am self employed and rarely enough time for sleep. But I will do my best to answer any questions you may have except rude ones. Cheers Pic 1 and 2 10 months bothe straight out of the shower shots Pic 3 Straight after the op with Dr R. Thank you Dr Rogers your a star.
  4. Thanks for all the replies and sorry for not getting back sooner. All I can say despite what I have seen I have not experienced any of the nasty scaring or bad effects from Dr Rogers surgery. Mt hair is still thickening and is not noticeable in any way. As I said before I have asked many people who are friends and family for their honest opinion and they can honestly see a difference. I do not think however I will be going back for more I am really happy with what has been achieved and I will leave at that. But I do pop by from time to time to read the posts on here this has been a vey informative site. Thanks all
  5. Hi everyone. Long time no see. I appreciate I am not an active member on here but I did promise to send updated photos every now and again of my HT, which I had done with Dr Rogers in March of this year (2007). I have to admit I am a happy patient with good growth and very little problems. I am pleased with the results 7 months in and stopped using cover up about month 4. I was taking the indian equivalent of propecia which was a bad move as it brought me out in a rash on my arms. I stopped this immediately and I have not used any lotions or tablets since, except my loreal "Iam worth it" shampoo. It has been a real experience having a HT if I was going to say anything negative I would have to say I thought the grafts would be closer together but maybe this is due to the complexity of it? Anyway I have attached some photos for the benefit of other people who are considering having a HT. I am not particulary happy about some posts that I have read and this is why I have taken the option not to be active on here and get in a slanging match. If anybody would like to meet me to look at my HT Iam in Swansea. all the best to you all James PS If there are no photos below there is a problem with this site. Please fix it! 7 Days 3 Months 6 Months Grafts
  6. Hi Dr Rogers, just thought I would come out in your defence here. Not sure why you put yourself through these forums you must have realized by now all British doctors are the bad guys. I am sorry Haggis has gone through a bad time with his HT I really don't believe it is the work of Dr Rogers though giving my experience with Dr R. I am a 100% happy Dr Rogers patient. I just wish some of you could see me in person to notice how good the HT is or read his comments book in his waiting room which is full of compliments. I have very little scaring at the back and now in month 5 the hair is starting to thicken out, I do notice a change in my confidence and I remember Dr Rogers saying it is better than anti depressants. I guess some people will never be entirely happy with what the have got and that a fact! No more Toppik and messy bathroom floor for me! PS See you in September as long as there are no more floods!
  7. Hi All, Been away for a while so not had time to contribute much on the forums. I am into the fourth month of my HT with Dr Rogers and I have to say I am really pleased with the results so far. My girlfriend who was a hair stylist for ten years can not get over how good it looks. It is not a major change to my overall appearance, but there is a difference. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident in myself. I have to say I am very grateful to all the individuals on here for their comments and suggestions. I really do believe that Dr Rogers is an ethical and highly skilled surgeon and his team are first class. I can not recommend him highly enough if you do not wish to travel abroad. Feel free to ask my any questions and I am open to comments good or bad. I have posted some photos straight after a hair cut to indicate the level of growth. My partner took the photos and despite having a grade 6 cut on the back she could not detect the scare well enough to take a photo! Thanks again all First shot Straight after Second Month 3 All else month 4
  8. Hey Dr Rogers, I was only wondering the other day about your hair surgery. Nice to see a picture of you and your team on here. I have personally healed up quite well. Lucky for me my partner is a beautician and hairdresser as she has been looking after me since my op with you. Judging by your picture the work by Dr Stephenson looks excellent. Look forward to my review in September and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  9. Hi Shaft all looks good with the new grafts thanks for your vote of support.
  10. Still got most of my grafts from Dr Rogers 4 weeks on. Hopefully not too many will fall out.
  11. Hi Orange 123, I have just been reading your post. I recently 4 weeks ago had a hair transplant with Dr Rogers. You will not find much evidence, this is true about Dr Rogers. He is slowly trying to rebuild the trust and faith back into men in the UK after some clinics in the Uk thought it was in there best interest to take your money and run. I can personally say my expierence with Dr Rogers and his team are first class. As you can appreciate it is early days and I have made an effort to only last week to post detailed information on here with pictures. Run a search on new posts and the topic "Dr Rogers Patient Update " It is all there. Dr Rogers is very laid back and believe me this helped as this was something I did not do lightly. However depending on your hair loss I would suggest you way up the pros and cons. I personally had 1800 grafts done and this has healed remarkbly well. Whatever you choose this is your decision I am sure all the guys on here will help in anyway they can. Any questions PM me. All the best. jimmydUk
  12. Sounds a bit like the Regain scam where they promise that it is effective for 7 out of 10 users, then when it doesn't work, they can just claim that you were one of the unfortunate 3 Yer PB Scam, scam, scam that is all that is on your mind. Why don't you let Dr Rogers answer the question before refering to everything as a scam or trick? At least then you could weigh up the information at hand and make a sound and intelligent judgment on the subject.
  13. Would the sun not promote growth? I have read that in the spring / summer hair grows quicker. Are we talking general sunshine or blazing hot summer days? I am getting worried
  14. Sorry Jaym there was obviously a break down in communication. I just read what you posted and now understand that you went to Norton. I am very sorry for what Norton has done and really he should be in prison. The penalties for such doctors who do not have your best interests does not seem to be harsh enough. Glad there forums exist for people like ourselves. All the best.
  15. ok guys i think what were all trying to say is were in the same boat and want the same thing, more hair. Anyway decided to do my best and brush the hair back. Still a ltitle worried about disturbing the grafts despite the healing. The last pic is me enjoying myself now 2 and half weeks after the op making the most of the smoking in public places. I dont smoke either.
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