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  1. Same to you too Spex and everyone else! Just over 3months into my second HT - nice way to kick of 2011 with some sprouters
  2. the site is looking good! thanks for all your help and advice this year - as always hope you had a lovely chrimbo
  3. I still can't get into the blog area. Is there a contact email for the webmaster so that I can notify them. I can't find a contact in the forum area. cheers! S
  4. That's very charitable of the patient to agree to have his donor area shaved down again Awesome work though! Scar is literally undetectable.
  5. spots as in little pimples, not too disimilar to what you might have once got on your face? if so, they're normal. Think there's something in Spex's post-op sticky about them. I got a few after my first op. Only had a couple since my second op.
  6. 2 MONTHS PICS: Hi guys, here's pics of me just after 2 months, so you're literally looking at my existing hairline growing back, with all the new grafts long since shed and prior to any sprouters coming through. I'd just had a haircut prior to these pics, and my hair is slightly damp. I've been wearing a hat since the op and I've maintained the illusion of having a cool-ish indie rock haircut, because the sides and back have been quite long. It's actually looked ok, but I've not been going out socialising because I hate wearing hats! I'm in a bit of a quandry of whether to return to styling my hair how I was prior to the second op (basically, a very contrived messy style which was a LOT of hard work, courtesy of my problem left side). Or just coping by wearing a hat for the next six months! oh the joys of naturally fine hair... (PS I'm still waiting for my pre/post-op pics - I understand Dr Feller has a bit of a pic backlog, but I will put those up and soon as I have them).
  7. the blogs area won't load up on my pc for some reasons. Has been like that since your original post...
  8. strangely, my GP has requested that I "have a letter from the hospital" to have my staples removed, which has made me quite angry. Why on earth would I need a letter? Would they leave them in there to rust otherwise? I'm just taking the instructions Dr Feller gave me. Spex - never considered the stretching. I'm okay to have my staples out on day 11 from a 2nd HT? Mr T - think I was unlucky. I remember the first time I had my staples out was quite painful. Think one of them got lodged. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it!!
  9. hi spitfire, just discovered this thread (not been on here for ages). I've been having all those probs you mention for last 18-24 months, and apparently have a slightly swollen prostate. I did drop of the meds for about 2.5months, but shed HORRIBLY and ended up getting very thin on the crown so went back on them. I might have a minor op next year on the NHS where they massage the bladder have your probs subsidded?
  10. Hi mate just book an appt to see the nurse at your local GP about a week in advance (make sure it is the nurse not your GP though!). I got back on Monday from a second op with Feller and having my staples out next Tues morning. Vicodin - the doc normally gives you painkillers after the op I think? MSM - I think you can take this whenever. Not sure there'd be any point in taking this before the op though and would be interested to know whether anyone's ever noticed any sped-up growth with it. I read somewhere that it's never been scientifically proven that it actually does. I'm going to try using this shampoo. Skeptical whether it's a gimmick or not but worth a go! http://www.fasthair.co.uk/ Good luck with the op mate - treat it as a little break and chill-out time S
  11. Here's my original pics 3 years ago from my original op http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...c=2942&st=0
  12. Hi guys, Well I have taken another step forward again! I think those afflicted with VERY fine natural hair will be interested in this… I’ve just returned from having a second strip session on my hairline with Dr Feller in New York, which was yet again a great experience and am very excited by what it will hopefully achieve. As anyone who knows me (met me at any of the showcases Spex organised), my hair is about as naturally fine and straight as hair can possibly get. It’s been the bane of my life and I use LOADS of product to give it a ‘normal’ appearance (if you can call 2pints of hairspray being normal!). This procedure was 1,100 grafts ‘bulk up’ of an op I had 3 years ago, where Dr Feller transplanted 2,167 grafts into the hairline. I’ve kept this follow-up relatively quiet for simple reason that some people might misinterpret it as a result of my original HT not being successful, which is NOT the case at all!!!! far from it! My first procedure grew out very nicely. Unfortunately, my hair proved too fine to get the desired results from a one-off op. Dr Feller admits that he normally wouldn’t operate on someone with hair as fine as mine, except I’ve been lucky to have (and kept) so much of it. I actually started receding when I was 18. I’ve just turned 32 now. Dr Feller and I discussed my individual characteristic at length originally and i was never in doubt I might require a "bulk" Dr Feller has basically packed just behind the hairline with a load of doubles, and then put a load of singles along the front. He also fractionally lowered my problem left side by about 4mm, as this is where I’ve been having particular difficulty in achieving the illusion of coverage and obtaining a natural framing. Although it’s just immediately post-op, the recipient area seriously looks like a proper buzzcut on a full head of hair (redness aside!). I’m utterly thrilled to look at it. Basically, the place which was so fine before now looks packed to buggery The Doc says it’s as dense packed as he’s ever gone. The only possible slight downside was that he ran out of grafts to bulk up the little side bits, although he didn't think this was necessary anyway and hadn't initially planned to work on this area (it was only because I mentioned it that he said he'd see if he had anything left over!) There should now be more than enough density in the frontal hairline to compensate for this – fingers crossed! I will keep you guys posted with pics so you can monitor the growth/progress. I’m very keen, excited and anxious to see how it grows out (with my hair being so fine, I refuse to get carried away just yet), but I currently can’t stop looking at it in the mirror. I’m praying for the day when I can just roll out of the bed and not worry about how long it will take me to style and whether I’ll get to work on time! Many thanks for Spex and Dr Feller for all their help and expertise as always, a true mentor and friend. It’s been said millions of times before, but for anyone in the UK, I can’t recommend hooking up with Spex enough to gain from his experience and advice. The guy knows his onions and supported me throughout this journey! Here’s to the waiting game… Oh, and pics soon! S
  13. I think that's quite possibly the best result I've yet seen
  14. wicked stuff. You're defo one of the luckys responded to meds - hairline looks tops, and you've even been able to grow out a fringe. Looking class! Should start a band!
  15. wicked haircut Richie! part-Oasis, part-Newcastle Utd circa 1987. Have you never experienced recession at the front of the hairline, just purely thinning on the crown?
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