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  1. Thanks pondle, and others. As I said before....im just a wee bit frightened and although Its not expert medical advice, you seem to have done a lot of homework on the subject. I appreciate being able to come here for any advice. Cheers. BTW its was last tuesday I quit the drug and Id been on it roughly 5 or 6 days I think.
  2. Its definitely not psychological. Im 26 years old, and very in touch with my mind and my body. I know EXACTLY how my penis was before I started the drug. I called DR Ashcroft and he said the sides should stop once quitting the drug, though he didnt give me a time frame. I dont want to keep calling and torturing the man....afterall hes not my GP, just someone who I could easily get proscar from. Again, Im not having a dig at anyone here who uses the drug, just looking a bit of advice from anyone who might know about what Im going through. I went to the other site propecia help but I wanted to hear from a few here because Ive been following the posts from the members here for quite a while now.
  3. The sides Im getting arent funny at all. Around my 4th day I was feeling a bit lethargic, my ercetions felt a bit weird.....I was going to give it a run of a month or two but decided to quit it. After I quit on the 5th day or so I have had no morning erections, and when I do try my best to get an erection at all it is quite numb around the tip. My penis is shrivilled when placid.I have no sexual desire at all. I know the drug had been fine for a lot of you, but does anyone know what I should expect....Im getting quite worried.
  4. taking more than 1mg per day won't make it work any faster or better. what type effects did you get? I think I was feeling ill due to something else....I started taking it 5 days ago again and no problems so far guys. Sorry for sounding like a bit of a pansy, but that other board scared me a bit......but Ill give it a proper run for a month or two and see how I feel then. Cheers.
  5. Proscar arrived wednesday. Dont think Im gona take it....reading more about the sides has really put me off. Gonna have a chat with Dr Ashcroft again on monday about it. I wanted to take the 1mg a day, but took 5mg on the first day as a kind of boost to get me started. Felt horrible the next few days. Maybe I shouldnt have taken so much....but I definitely feel awful.
  6. Some of the posts on that board are scary as hell!!!!
  7. Just read a little bit on it there.....its certainly looks interesting.
  8. Im aware that propecia might not be able to regrow hair in the front and temples....but does it stop hariloss in these areas at all?
  9. What is the minimum amount of proscar one can order from Dr ashcroft?
  10. OK cheers richie. My doc is usually sound about most thing. Great results in your pic by the way. Gonna order from ashcroft asap. Can anyone sell my a few until then, like through paypal? I think I need on them pretty quickly lol.
  11. My GP would not prescribe it today when I went to see him, said only prescribes them for other reasons (prostate I think in older men), but confirmed that its ok (I wanted to consult him first) that Im going to begin taking it should I get it online. Anyone know how long it takes for Ashcroft to dispatch and what payment methods he accepts (switch or payal)?
  12. Hello all. Ive been lurking and reading this excellent forum for about a month now. Gathered I should be active on here since I really think Im going to take the plunge and get a transplant at Feller's clinic. I found his site by searching the following in google 'best hair transplant surgeon world'. You see, there are transplant places all over the place (especially here In Ireland and England and I was doing a bit of reading at various websites. But I cant say how excited I am about Feller. The work that he does just seems head and shoulders above the rest. And on top of that, I read about a guy spex here offering support and everything else he does for people in the UK travelling the whole way over. In the meantime I just wanted to become part of the community and keep learning. Any advice on what I should do in the coming months will be highly appreciated (should I start propecia, should I send pictured to spex of the current state of my hair?) Anyway, I look forward to taking part.
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