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  1. the doc that supplied me was a 'user and had two kids , he never stopped taking it
  2. I was going very thin on top so i've been taking proscar for about a month and a half and it's defo working, i shed like nothing and now my thinning crown is starting to recover there's still a bit of a thin bit but no where near as bad as it was, could see my hole scalp!! Unforunately i have a double crown so it always looked worse anyway, think what 6 months will do worth every penny. I don't use anything else!
  3. since taking proscar i've noticed a substantial increase in libido, I had a pretty high sex drive before but it is defo acting like a stimulant.
  4. i just bought some jewellers scales to weigh the pieces into 0.1 mg bits .
  5. i have a pill cutter but the shape is so irregular i keep getting bits , how do people on here split it into five?? cheers
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