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  1. i've been taking propecia now for a coupleof years and conjunction with the laser haircome and my hai seems to be standing up pretty well, but now im wondering if its just the haircombe that is doing the work as the site i buy my propecia off seem abit dodgy and with all this stuff in the news about fake drugs im abit unsure i was thinking about going onto adovart anyway so was wondering if anyone know any internet sites that sell it at a reasonable price and the drugs aren't fake,i know its difficult to tell. the prop i buy at the moment all the instructions are in foreign languages, no english atall ps i dont want to go to a doctor, i did before and they wouldnt give me what i wanted
  2. i,ve been using regain for about 6 years now and have never had a problem with it even though ive got sensetive skin. i then came on here and herd about the big three and so aswell as using regain i started to use nizoral aswell, after a few months of this the nizoral was driving my scalp crazy so i just stoped using it and continued only using the regain, but now even though i used the regain for like 5 years b4 i tried nizoral aswell i cant even used this anymore as my scalp starts itching like mad any answers as to what i should do and why its just started iritating my skin now????
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