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  1. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    more pics, some are with flash because i had trouble getting a sharp picture.
  2. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    hi all, finally got round to taking some pics and the battery died, i did manage to get one clear shot though, more to follow shortly. its now been just over a year since my 3rd ht with dr feller, im happy with the result and am very happy with how far i have come, i think without my hts and meds i would be a good nw 5-6 ,completely slick on top, for that im very gratefull to dr feller and especially spex for helping me along the way. will i be having any more hts.......time will tell, i dont think i NEED any more, but i may WANT more. more pics will be up soon on a downside i have just noticed my first gray hair its in the crown pic...oh well cant have it all.
  3. ian

    Spex New Site

    a nice well put together website, loads of good information too hope your well.
  4. happy christmas will finally get round to posting some updates of my third ht. hope you guys are well .
  5. thats a massive difference, very nice scar too. he must be well chuffed.
  6. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    ive not had prp, i remain sitting on the fence on that one.
  7. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    i just tried to pm my email but it says theres an error, i will try again. i did have the staples in for longer(3 weeks) but my scar has stretched as normal (5mm in places) ill just have to take the good with the bad, a scar that tends too sretch but lots of donor to be had due to laxity .
  8. wow, i think thats the longest transplanted hair ive ever seen , looks brill
  9. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    mr t, i wanted 10,000 grafts but i was booked in for 1500 , got a few more than expected . the grafts where placed in the crown and mid, (theres a pic straight after surgery showing placement at the top of the page
  10. ian

    Ians 3rd Ht

    hi, its now been 5 months since my 3rd ht, all is going well, my scar has stretched as it always does but doesn't really bother me. ill be glad when the growth really takes off, its always difficult to predict the end result ie density etc. here are my pics.......... i hope
  11. what pb said , def not the root falling out just the old hair, a new one will sprout in its place.
  12. the numbness does go over time, it goes around the 3 month mark, have you tried nanogen on the old grafts? waiting is a bitch but its def worth it
  13. i did my reservations through lastminute.com, when i was looking to get my flights the price was £374 return with virgin, i waited around and the same flight went down to £311 (the lowest fare virgin do to new york). best to try and catch it on the lowest fare, just dont leave it too long so you miss out.
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