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  1. I also saw specs yesterday and i was absolutely amazed at his hair. Its incredible to see where he has come from. His hair is sooo natural and thick and his hairline which in my opinion is the most important part of a ht is overwhelming!! Dr Feller is a master at FUE and like orrible has mentioned if you can then you need to meet with specs to believe it... 100% natural and incredibly dense! thanks specs... check your e-mail! oli
  2. Looking forward to meeting you on the 27th. oli
  3. Thanks for reply specs - i have emailed you look forward to hearing from you Oli
  4. hello specs - i have read your page and your results look brilliant. Do you charge for a consultation? would you recommend strip or fue surgery.. i have minimal hairloss at the back but i'm receding at the temples. I am on propecia and have been for two years now and it seems to be holding me solid. any advise woill be appreciated.
  5. I've been on propecia for two yrs now and it's been by far the best weapon in my armour against mpb. It has significantly thickened up my hair - especially the crown. I take proscar which is exactly the same as propecia but it comes as a 5mg tablet , propecia comes as a 1mg tablet. All i do is cut the proscar down into 5ths - tricky initially but once you get the hang of it it is very cost effective. propecia has been proven to block upto 85% of dht. oli
  6. Hi guys - all new to this! E - bay is really cheap for rogaine - careful though of delivery charges on top!
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