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  1. Have anyone used Finax from Dr. Reddys Lab? I would like to know if it is the same as Propecia from Merck. Have anyone used it? Kindly let me know.
  2. Hi Does propecia have an effect on the genetic structure of the male hormone. In other words will the genetic make up of my child be different because of me taking propecia? Thanks
  3. Thanks Specs. That gave me a lot of insight. I will start taking propecia from tomorrow. Specs, Should I avoid taking propecia before my wife conceives or after she conceives(and is pregnant)? Is 3 months enough?
  4. Thanks a ton Specs for your reply. My doctor asked me to stop having propecia three months before I am planning for a child. If direct contact while on propecia is not a problem why did he ask me to do so? My fiancee is not allowing me to take propecia because of that. Please advise.
  5. I am planning to start taking propecia in a few days and I am getting married in a few months. Can I have direct contact with my wife without having condoms while on propecia? The warning in propecia says that pregnant women should not get in contact with propecia. What does this mean? Thanks for the response
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