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  1. cheers for the response guys. i know in the long run it is better to go the extra distance for quality and peace of mind etc. from what ive read on here over the years i probably would be shitting myself if i was in the chair of a clinic over here! keep up the good work guys, this forums great.
  2. does anyone know anything about, or had experience with these guys: http://www.hshairclinic.co.uk/ ive had 1 ht with dr feller in feb 06 and im very happy with the results and his great at what he does. im thinking about taking the plunge again and just searching in the hope that british surgeons may have improved by now. as i live in essex its soooooooooooo tempting to just go an hour down the road!
  3. Has anyone here heard anything about the Boots Pharmacy hair retention programme? my mum brought a leaflet home today. Does anyone know what its about? it clams to provide an 'effective hair retention medicine' which has only been available through clinics. Im guessing its proscar though.
  4. cheers mate thats nice to hear Another comment i had the other day was 'your hair grows quick doesnt it?!' hadnt heard that for a while
  5. thanks for the comments guys, yeah i was a virgin scalp
  6. lol i dont get offended by 'negative' comments, the HT has changed my life and 1 comment wont get to me I wanted scalp coverage rather than density, and my HT went back roughly half way. No i dont have any immediate post op pics.
  7. it was a year ago since i was in the chair. Spex would you mind forwarding these onto Dr Feller? Im happy with the results and have absolutely no regrets Pre op
  8. well if i had taken the pics outside at the time you wouldnt have seen anything cos it took them at 10:30pm. i couldnt get the flash to work on my digital camera and that was the brightest i could get. ill post some brighter ones later.
  9. Theres a pic of the hair combed back in my original post. No im not a repair patient fortunately.
  10. Thanks for putting that pic up spex, bit of a shock seeing that lol. That photo was taken a year ago i think. Forgot what i looked like! Yes i am very happy with the results of the HT.
  11. hey, here are my 8 month update pics. I had a 2500 grafts with dr feller on February 17th. I have no pre op pics. All i had before was to 'tuffs' at the front. A bit different now! edited by Spex:
  12. im at the 6 month mark now and i have absolutely no regrets. The HT has given me alot more confidence and i purposly look at my refelction now rather than avoiding it, i dont walk past people thinking 'please dont look at may hair!' I used to hate it when id b talking to someone and they kept looking up at my hairline. Its odd i can't really explain it but it makes me feel 'normal'?!! Heres a pic at 6 months
  13. the grafts were placed in the front 1/3, i wasnt receeding just thinning really badly. the scars fine. i cant even find it when i look for it
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