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  1. I will stick with the naturalis hair recovery and will keep folks here posted on my progress.
  2. With my good response and no side effects todate, I must admit I tend to be more relaxed about finding the ingredient list. I suggest you visit their website or ask the folks at naturalis.
  3. Hi I wish to give credit to this product which has been helping me maintain my hairline and regrow hairs in previously bald area. Note the growth within the region of the highlighted blue line boundary. Here is my update up to feb 2007. Please note also that the libido and dick is still fine. ) Cheers!
  4. Spex, I use the product and it is an alternative to taking medication which has known side effects.
  5. I am not sure if fin has done any damage to you internally. Assuming it has not and you are still healthly without the side effects caused by fin. My advice is to give the naturalis topical a shot. Cheer!
  6. Hi Patchyp, I have been using the topical naturalis for my side temples and frontal. I have regrown the hair where it is receeding previously. I am glad to know that finasteride works for you and you have not experienced side effects. Cheer!
  7. hi, One of the reported side effect of finasteride is decreased sex drive. If you are experiencing such side effect, my suggestion is to stop the medication. For receeding temple and frontal I am using the naturalis topical. Hope that can help you also.
  8. I have posted pictures before on my progress. This the latest update. I am quite happy with the topical as todate I do not experience any side effects.
  9. WW, Since you are on fin and it is not helping the frontal. My suggestion is to add naturalis topical to your regime. Hope it will help you as it has done for me. Cheer!
  10. I tried naturalis topical and had regrowth for my receeding temple. Hope this helps.
  11. I think it will have some effect. Nettle is an ingredient in the naturalis topical which I use for my receeding temple.
  12. Well, different person response differently to the topical. We are talking about frontal and side temples which are the most difficult area to stimulate regrowth. These are permanent fixture on the my head. If will not DROP off if I stop the topical the next day. This is different from taking med where if you stopped the hairloss will accelerate.
  13. I took 2 years to move o.5 cm of hairline foreward for my frontal and side temples using the naturalis topical. Patience and Good luck on your journey with fin. You will need it.
  14. Jack, Go talk to the folks at Yahoo. There a couple of hundreds of them folks who can give you more info.
  15. Please do your homework before doing HT. Good Luck
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