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  1. Caught this one off the back of a recent enquiry about The London HT Clinic.. never heard of them...wonder why .. They are clearly using the main guys pictures from Dermatch (Concealer) as their main top of the list showcase HT result combined with some some shi**y photoshop! A trick out the old "dancing on ice" book ... ;-)
  2. This UK patient kindly updated me recently very happy with his progress at 6.5 months post op from 2500+ strip session with Dr Feller. Hair greed has kicked in and he plans to return early next year to finish off further back into the crown region. Regards SPEX
  3. spex

    New Look !

    Great to see you TT
  4. Indeed brutha - I have come out my hiding hole. Hope you and yours are well Watch this space...
  5. Question for anyone who might have come across this stat anywhere on their pursuit for answers. How many Propecia users are there in the UK ?:confused: If anyone can find the answer with good authority from a reliable source then i will gladly buy them a beer and send them a copy of my book :cool: Regards Spex
  6. FUE 500 Tweak - Dr Feller patient This patient JS2004 had a 500 FUE tweak to address very slight recession with Dr Feller 12 months ago Best Spex
  7. Here is a link to recent video montage : http://www.onetrueme...medium=text_url Best Spex
  8. Hi Spitfire - hope you are well mate!! I now take 1mg finpecia which is EXACTLY the same as propecia IMHO I get it from Dr Singh at : http://ukfinasteride.info very reliable and rapid service Best Spence
  9. Here is a link to the interview on my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/SSPEXX#p/u/6/e1N5-mj1dtY Best Spex
  10. I have never tried the Regaine version so can't comment.
  11. All good - The new site is cool - Bill took us all by surprise Hope your family are all well!!!! S
  12. Link to topic http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/136443-grown-out-fue-case-hairline.html
  13. Link to topic here : http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/138015-2-days-post-op-1-500-fue-dr-feller-great-neck-ny.html
  14. spex

    New Look !

    Loving the new look Bill!!!
  15. Numbness varies from patient to patient however you should defo have good feeling back by now. The clinic you use are somewhat unheard of so obviously we do not know their protocals , tools used, etc etc..
  16. Hi Guys, Just to let anyone know who might find it of interest - I have now made my ebook available as a separate download. >>> Click Here <<< If you purchase it and do not find it at all helpful I will gladly completely refund you, no questions asked. Regards Spex
  17. Hi - I have never heard of this clinic . Sorry to hear of your situ. If i can offer any help feel free to email me. Regards Spex
  18. TT, Great to see you apologies mate i hadnt seen your reply on here - my bad. i hope you and yours are all well!! DHI do or did use the "choi method" which was seen by the industry as a substandard technique for whatever reason. I dont know if this is what Wayne had but a possibility. Waynes result appears very good and fair play to him indeed for coming out about it.
  19. Prevention is key so yes look at getting on Rogaine and Finasteride. Any area worked on that already has hair in it has to be shaved down. Best s
  20. Hi WW, Im pretty sure we have spoken in the past.. Looking at your pics on the other topic as do not appear to be on here 1. approx 1500 - 1800 depends on your goal however. Please feel free to email me pictures with specific goal drawn on. Is this YOUR goal ? http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...ost&id=3597 2. Need to see your goal ? 3. I do not have a crtysatl ball but getting on meds to limit further loss is a very goo idea generally. 4. FUE postage stamp sessions would take forever to achieve any significant cosmetic result. Again depends on goal. 5. Hair goes grey over time. All hair doesnt go grey at the same time so impossible to say. 6.no Feel free to email me pictures with your goal drawn on. Best S
  21. Hi there, I hope all is well. I just wanted to inform you incase it's of interest that I'm intending to be in: Dublin on the 7th October 2011. If you would like to meet with me for a coffee and a chat about your hair transplant requirements then i'm more than happy to offer my help, advice and opinion. I can also take clear pictures of your situations and send them over to both Dr Feller and Dr Lindsey for their opinion. My email : support@spexhair.com Best Spex
  22. Ummmmmm...... Concealer Same trick as Jason Gardner
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