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  1. Cant seem to PM you. my email is : support@spexhair.com
  2. Guys, An interesting chain of events has lead me to announce here about an upcoming movie about male grooming called " Mansome " directed and produced by Morgan Spurlock ( Supersize me Movie ) I met with Morgan Spurlock one night in London several months ago for a few beers and we hit it off famously. We met through a mutual friend who had informed Morgan about my involvement with the hair loss and HT community along with my own journey and my role and double life in the industry as " Spex". Morgan was keen to meet up a couple of times and find out more about this hidden epidemic of hair loss and the industry generally for his upcoming movie, Mansome. The movie is a documentary and involves several A list celebrities and their grooming habits along with a bunch of everyday guys and their own plights. Names involved that i know of and also had pleasure of meeting one of them are, Zach Galifianakis, Will Arnett, Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman, Morgan etc Morgan was truly fascinated by HT's and mine in particular along with the lengths we hair loss suffers go to to stop, conceal and regrow our hair in order to regain our confidence, identity and self esteem and he found it pretty awesome that HT's could in fact look so natural after rummaging through mine on more than one occasion. I also hooked him up with a couple of other patients in London. He is known to the world as a harsh critic, yet he was genuinely blown away by the hair transplants disclosed to him. Well only a few weeks ago Morgan called me up to discuss ' The Mansome Movie ' further as he wanted to try feature Hair transplants within it as he and his production team felt it appropriate for the movie alongside other relevant segments and suggested an entire piece could well be dedicated to HT's potentially if we were willing to help him. Cut to now... I just returned back from a whistle stop mission to NYC - (i will not bore you with those details) where we filmed an entire day with his team up at Feller Medical and both Dr Feller and I were interviewed at great length for the segment.The day was great and a very long one in order to include everything. Along with interviews with us and with patients, Dr Feller was filmed at work performing surgery too on a UK patient. We very much hope that some of the footage gets used in the movie as it would be awesome and will undoubtedly help educate and inform the masses via the silver screen regarding HT's accurately, once and for all. Morgan and Spex after a few too many beers last month The Mansome movie premiers at The Tribeca Film Festival mid April and Morgan has mentioned if we make the final cut we will get to meet all the stars involved which is really exiting! Keep you all informed. Best SPEX
  3. Hi mate - i am from Nottingham. I would love to meet up and inspect your Tattoo hair. I have honestly never heard of this clinic you mention - be VERY careful!!!! Bell me as really like to opportunity to see your hair tattoo Best S
  4. I believe its to do with increased cost to ship and import in and increase in the drug price at source itself. Still cheap in my opinion based on the fact you know its a tried and tested source and legitimate. Unlike many online drug sites. I have been made aware through several patients that Dr Singh will sell 6 months supply if that helps. Best Spex
  5. Sorry guys - forgot to update here. All the consult slots are now full. Feel free to email me however if you would like to be placed on the cancellation list or wish to send me over pictures even. Regards Spex
  6. Cheers Bill. Indeed HT surgery has come along way in the right hands on the right patient its a real option. S
  7. Here is another comparison against new pre op pic in his file to show the transformation so far.
  8. A UK patient called Hairsterical on the forum kindly updated us with 9 month post op pictures from his 2485 strip session with Dr Feller, NY. Regards SPEX PRE OP Immed post op 2485 9 months post op
  9. UK patient 1500 grafts via strip 6 months post op - Dr Feller This UK patient had 1500 grafts via strip into his hairline and recently sent us update pictures along with a few words - We hope to update this topic at 12 months too :cool: : ------------------------------ Hi Dr Feller, It’s been a while so apologies for not getting these pictures back to you sooner. The healing is complete and the growth has gone really well (see attached pictures). You are more than welcome to use these on your website or to send these to other potential patients (though I would appreciate it if you could cover the eyes section of my face on any pictures you choose to use. Overall I have had a great experience and as the healing process is now complete I would like to share my experience with potential HT patients to show the positive side to having a hair transplant. Once again thank you so much for what you have done (without sound too cheesy it has changed my life). ------------------------------------------------- Regards SPEX Pre op : Immed post op 1500 grafts 6 months post op Scar 6 months post op Series Best SPEX
  10. Hi guys, There has been an unprecedented amount of interest to see Dr Feller whilst he is in the UK in May. We literally only have a few spots open on the 17th now in London and a few on the 19th in Dublin. Just giving you a heads up if you wish to see him whilst he is over this side of the pond.. Regards Spex
  11. Hi Guys, Due to the ever growing demand of UK patients travelling over to Dr Feller in New York for their hair restoration needs, he intends to travel over to the UK to perform 1:1 consultations on : Consultation dates 1. London on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May 2012 Also: 2. Dublin on Saturday 19th May 2012. If you are interested to meet Dr Feller for a 1:1 consultation whilst he is over here in the UK then please feel free to contact me via email to arrange a convenient time: support@spexhair.com I will also be available to meet and speak to as will be helping coordinate the days. There are only a certain number of available appointments to meet Dr Feller whilst he is in the UK so we advise registering your interest early. Kind Regards Spencer ( Spex ) Dr Fellers website : www.fellermedical.com
  12. I have not use them as only ever needed to use either Dr Ashcroft or http://ukfinasteride.info run by Dr Singh. He provides a rapid professional service and i highly recommend him. I now take 1mg finpecia and get on with it well. The most important thing is purchasing from a reliable legitimate source. Best S
  13. Just to let you guys know that Feller Medical has launch its NEW website. http://fellermedical.com Best Spex
  14. All good - Can you email me mate support@spexhair.com as might be in Brum next week.
  15. Dr Ashcroft has proven to get harder and harder in touch with unfortunately. I think he is just busy with other things. May i suggest you consider http://ukfinasteride.info and Dr Singh for you finasteride as this is where i purchase mine now. He is very fast and reliable and now many guys in the UK obtain their meds via his site. I have yet to hear one bad comment regarding him and the service he provides. Regards Spex
  16. Hi matey - great to hear from you - looks like you have grown in well. - You had a large area covered and will have also undoubtedly experienced further loss of native hair. Its Really common for a patient to want more and need a second session to bulk up the platform that HT1 has provided. Drop me an email to support@spexhair.com and i can have Dr look over your chart. He will be only too happy to help you move forward again and help bulk up and refine HT1. No one just gets one HT So many variables play a part in the success of a HT - Often a second session is required to refine and tweak. Hair characteristics play a big role and often really packing areas out is required. Looking great though compared to where you were and glad you are happy - you should be look where you were - and HT2 will really help refine and bring it all together. As always im more than happy to help you and facilitate so just drop me an email and we can get you and the doc together to discuss a plan of action as he will be only too willing and happy to help. I have found your email and dropped you a message - bell me on 07740364731 It will not let me upload or attach pics which is frustrating however see your pre ops and immediately post op s here : http://www.baldtruth...18454#post18454 Best S
  17. Hi mate - drop me an email at support@spexhair.com I have found your email and dropped you a message - bell me on 07740364731
  18. Hi Guys, Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you all have a fun filled relaxing time and Santa brings you everything you have asked for: My guess is hair is on the list Here's to a hairy 2012:cool: Best Wishes to everyone. Regards Spex
  19. Hi Tommy2! Great to see you back online. BHUK like many moved on after resolving his hair issues thankfully. he was such an inspiration to many and helped by being such a dedicated poster. Dr Feller last performed on him a couple of years ago now and truly turned BHUK around. Topic about his last session here : http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/142756-dr-feller-offered-me-free-fue-surgery-extreme-generosity-dr-feller-life-changing.html I hope you are well T and the family! Best
  20. This patient had recieved multiple strip surgeries from previous clinics and desperately wanted to minimise the scars. He travelled over to see Dr Lindsey after seeing Dr Lindseys unique ability with scars. Dr Lindsey removed the vast majority of the top scar with some remarkable wizardry and also placed i 23.5 cm of top scar excision. 59 grafts extracted 134 FUE's placed in bottom scar.
  21. This patient had an excllent head of hair EXCEPT for the right side of the hairline where it intersects with the temple hair. FUE was tailor made for this kind of hairloss. We extracted 200 FUEs and refined them under the microscope to make sure they were only one hair grafts then packed them into the bald area. Here are his results at 1 year: BEFORE AFTER
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