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  1. Thanks for being kind enough to announce the show Bill. It's going to help a lot of hair loss sufferers in the UK /Europe for sure!!
  2. What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp micropigmentation or SMP (the process of tattooing the scalp to promote an appearance of naturally growing hair) is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for balding men, especially those who’d like to maintain a closely cropped head of hair with an appearance of stubble. This intriguing procedure is frequently used to camouflage widening scars from previous hair transplant strip procedures. However, some hair transplant surgeons have begun utilising this procedure to aid in thickening the appearance of naturally thinning hair. Scalp micropigmentation isn't a new procedure, but due to its increase in popularity, some hair restoration physicians have begun to investigate and even incorporate it into their practice as an adjunct to today's state of the art hair transplant surgery. Milena Lardi in Milan has become somewhat of a hot property in the industry for her unique Temporary SMP technique. This has massive appeal to many as after 2 years the ink ( all natural products) fades enabling the patient to simply continue the process to keep the appearance or stop and go back to the look previously worn. I had SMP with Milena Lardi in Milan and was interviewed live regarding it here : http://www.thebaldtr...ropigmentation/ A patient example of temp SMP with Milena Lardi : Shaved Effect: PRE POST Best Spex
  3. Sure - i will make a write up to help explain it all asap.
  4. Post by Jotronic http://www.baldtruth...read.php?t=9597 Milena Lardi - Beauty Medical SMP before/after 15 Months Since I first met Milena Lardi and introduced Beauty Medical to the world outside of Italy I've had a lot of people asking what the result of SMP from Milena Lardi looks like as it begins to fade. I have a result to share that at 15 months looks like there is no bluish or green color. It appears to be fading naturally and completely. I believe this is the first result shown "long term" that represents how the ink fades over time. This photo show the patient before any work was performed. I do not have any photos of his crown. Here are some photos showing various angles of the result. I believe he had two passes to get this result. Outdoors under direct sunlight... After 15 months of wear the result looked quite good, no signs of unnatural colors or pigmentation.
  5. See this link to a patient who had SMP at Dr Fellers office in New York with Milena Lardi http://www.baldtruthtalk.com/showthread.php?t=9717
  6. Places already limited so please let me know if you would like to see Milena. Best Spex
  7. PRE SMP POST SMP 1° Treatment
  8. The scalp Micropigmentation, also known as TricoPigmentation, is the technique who has come in for the highest acknowledgement among patients, who thus can choose a further option for the resolution of their own malaise. It is reckoned to be a complement to the autotransplant, as it entails a perfect camouflage of both the scars the hair have been taken from and the area the hair have been transplanted to. Here below I am attaching the results you can achieve with the micropigmentation: Shaved Effect: PRE POST Thickening PRE POST (you can see the result of the treatment carried out on only half head) SCAR CAMOUFLAGE (enlarged scars) PRE POST I will update daily with cases of SMP so that so that you can get an idea of the potential of the technique. For any question do not hesitate. For more information visit the English version http://www.beautymedical.it Best Regards Milena Lardì.
  9. Tricopigmentation treatment is bio-absorbed by the immune defence system through phagocytosis in a span of 2 years maximum. As a consequence, even the strongest optical effect given by Tricopigmentation might start fading away from the sixth to the eighth month after the treatment, and thus call for other sessions, which are merely annual restoration sessions. Whenever the patient decides to use other treatment techniques for any reasons, the TricoPigmentation made before will not be constraining as all the traces will be gone after two years. He or she will only need to wait the immune defence system to do its duty. The duration of the treatment is subjective and depends on various external factors related to the patient. The phagocytosis potency How the body cells can include and destruct external material The age of the patient Pigments are injected in the superficial part of the dermis. They tent to be slowly expelled through the natural cell renewal. A young patient has certainly a faster cell renewal process than an adult, so the treatment loses effect before. Lifestyle Cleaning products Sport People swimming, for instance, expose their skin to whitening and sterilizing agents, such as the chlorine inside pools, considerably accelerating the natural cell renewal. Exposure to sun's rays The direct exposure to sun's rays can accelerate the disappearance of the treatment, as it might accelerate the natural phagocytosis process of the body. IMHO the duration of two years is a good thing because it allows you to be free to change your mind or take a different look. Any other questions please ask. Best Regards Milena Lardì. BeautyMedical SMP. www.beautymedical.it
  10. Dr Ashcroft is 100% legit - run a search on here and other forums. Try relax a little.
  11. Hi Guys, As of January i will be back helping and working for Milena Lardi. Milena of BeautyMedical will be in London on the 16th and 17th February 2013 performing consultations. To register your interest to see Milena please email me at: support@spexhair.com Places are already limited so please register your interest early. Due to the growing UK demand for SMP with Milena. she intends to start offering SMP and performing it herself in March in the UK. You can see my SMP interview and procedure into my old scar here : http://www.thebaldtruth.com/hair-loss/spencer-kobren-takes-a-closer-look-at-scalp-micropigmentation/ Regards Spex
  12. Dr Ashcroft is a great reliable source!
  13. Hi Pb - Awesome to see you !! I hope all is well Grey is the only colour SMP cant mimic. This particular SMP fades over a 2 year period so i will keep getting it done till i turn grey then grow hair out a little as before.
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