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  1. indeed - toppik can be great if used correctly - but some people find it a hassle - courve is an effective concealer also - depends on your particular situation. check out www.hair123.co.uk - for a range of concealers
  2. Nizoral is an essential part of any hairloss reg' be careful only to use it though 2/3 a week!
  3. To all interested parties - I've had several ht surgeries over a period of 5 yrs both Strip and FUE and am now a consultant for Feller Medical - a leading hair transplant clinic. If you at all interested in meeting with me i am more than happy to show you my results in person. Please contact me at specs@fellermedical.com Feller Medical - specs webpage
  4. tom. I've had 2 FUE procedures and 4 Strips - so i know all about it. FUE lends itself to smaller procedures and causes minimal invasion. I had 1100 FUE by Dr Jones in Canada and 900 FUE into my hairline recently by Dr Feller NYC. Healing from FUE surgery is rapid - 1/2 weeks until there are no signs of surgery - but remember everyone heals differently. You can aid the healing process by various products - Aloe Vera etc. Compared to strip surgery FUE is painless - believe me. Fue is relatively painless although it is surgery so there is an element of discomfort but not during the procedure - only after - if at all! Hope this helps a little specs
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