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  1. awesome! this was probably actually the site i used last time :-) thanks spex!
  2. I bought a 4 month supply of Rogaine off some website a while back for around £35-40 but can't remember which website it was. Does anyone know of any websites that do good deals on this and are legit??? Thanks in advance. Dan
  3. is there much difference between nizoral and nizorelle???
  4. cool, just wondered cos that site doesn't look particularly professional.
  5. does anyone buy their products from the site linked above??? i want to start using minoxidil but this site looks a bit dodgy. does anyone know of any sites that are good and trustworthy?
  6. all you get on this programme is propecia, i've been on it for a few months now and pay £90 every 3 months as opposed to £47 a month from my doctor. i must admit, the pharmacists at boots have been very good and they are very discreet aswell.
  7. i went to my doctor about prescribing me propecia which cost me £47 a month and every month i had to take a morning off work to go down there and ask for a repeat prescription in person. i now get mine on the boots retention programme and paying £90 for 3 months. i have also been using nutrasome thickening shampoo followed by their thickening serum which seems to do a pretty good job to be honest. always looking to try new products though.
  8. ha ha, i remember a film back in the eighties i think where a kid got so scared that all his hair fell out and he put peanut butter on his head and the next morning had a full head of hair! guess what i'll be buying tomorrow???!!!
  9. thanks! supposed i should have checked the site myself really. just a bit concerned cos it seems like more hair is falling out since i've been on it then before but could just be paranoid!
  10. hi, i've been taking propecia for a couple of weeks now and was just wondering how long it takes to kick in as i'm still losing as much hair in the bath as i did before. also, how long does it take for any sides to kick in?
  11. thanks spex. just wondered cos i started dying my hair a couple of years ago in an attempt to make it look thicker but maybe it was my paranoia that made me link the two together.
  12. does hair dye cause hair loss? and if so, would it still cause hair loss even if you was on propecia or any other medication?
  13. Thanks for your help guy. I must admit, I was quite dubious about inhouse pharmacy.
  14. yeah, the dr. reddy's one. was just looking at it because apparently it is a powerful drug and half the price of propecia.
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