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  1. thanks for the replies guys! i'll give the doctor a ring tomorrow to be sure.
  2. Hi guys, been a while since I posted. I hope you are all doing well I have been on proscar for about 3 years (got pres. via Dr. Ashcroft) and have successfully kept what hair I had and seems to stop/slow my hair loss (I'm a diffusing thinner) A about 2-3 months ago I switched to generic finasteride (strapped for cash atm) from Dr. Ashcroft, but I've noticed that I have lost maybe 1/3 the hair I had over the last month or so. Would this a shed from changing prescription, or do you think the generic finasteride just doesn't work for me, and I should switch back to proscar? I'm just praying that what i had will grow back as I was doing so well up until this point. I was considering giving Dr. Ashcroft a call, but I thought I'd check with you guys first to see if anyone had similar affects. Many thanks, ncfm
  3. Hi Guys, I'm going on two holidays this year (yay! first time in years ) and I'm heading to France then the States!! Is it ok for me to take a packet of the proscar I got this from Dr.Ashcroft with me? I'm worried about it being pulled out and me getting questioned at security, but I don't want to be away for 2 weeks without it! I didn't take any with me last time I flew (short weekend trip) but this time I'm away for longer... Anyone help?
  4. Gonna give this a whirl too (have nothing to lose...kinda) using proscar and niz...so I may as well give it a go. Read up quite a bit and reviews seem split. Many ppl here seen much of a change using rogaine/ regaine? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ok here's a quick update. Went to see the trichologist a few weeks ago who gave me loads of info on my options and the same day cut my hair. It was a total transformation! I got my hair cut much shorter and completely re-styled. I'm still using a little concealer, but I've actually walking outside without a hat on...and went to a shopping centre without it, so I must have got some confidence back. I'm still very worried about the state of things, but I'm hoping if I keep what I have now, and can lightly conceal it I should be ok for a wee bit longer...but obviously I'm still very wary of bright lights in and outdoors, when I just want to walk in the rain or sun without a hat...or sit in lightly lit bars without worrying about needing one. I think down the line I'll just go shorter and shorter, and then one day just buzz down to a no.1. I still have hair all over (being diffused thinning rather than receeding at front or at the crown) so maybe it'll look ok if I shave it (I *should* have stubble all over...altho it is thinner on top so maybe I need to keep the sides shorter if thats possible lol) A big worry about shaving down is the shape of my head...I haven't got a clue whether I have a decent shaped head... hehe Anyway, thats how things are atm...still battling on
  6. Hi guys, sorry for the lack of replies recently. I've been away over xmas for a few weeks and only got back last week. Thanks again for all your comments and support. I'm hopefully moving the right direction now. I'll keep you all up-to-date with whats going on
  7. Well thanks for all the input again guys!! Finally after 10 years of slow thinning, depression and complete loss of self-esteem, I went over to my mothers place and told her exactly whats been going on over the last few years. I told her about using concealer, propecia, how I feel hairloss has/ is ruining my life because of wasted opportunities. It was a massive weight off my shoulders and things couldn't have gone better. She was totally understanding, and said 'right, what can we do to get you back on track?'. She even suggested getting a HT down the line, but to try to talk to some ppl first. She watches all these shows about procedures and treatments to help people with self-esteem issues, so she was full of ideas and knew of all the medications and types of procedures available now. I was shocked! hehe She called me this morning and said she'd spoken to a private tricholist of 30 yrs who is also a hair stylist. So I've got an appointment made to go see her next week for a consultation and to get my hair cut shorter (I couldn't have faced a salon in front of everyone looking w/ some 18 yr old girl cutting my hair and laughing! lol) Getting my hair cut is the first step in the right direction I feel. If I can re-style to something that looks better than it is now, get people used to seeing me with shorter hair (instead of my 4" all over hair) and start ditching the concealer, then I can look at my options for how I proceed. If I feel confident enough I'll buzz my hair short...and then If I want I can go down the HT route. I still feel at my wits-end, but I feel so much relief from actually talking to someone I know about it. Also like s.a.f. says...I couldn't tell my work-mates or friends I was getting an HT - my life also wouldn't be worth living! lol Mind you it is strange that out of all the cosmetic procedures available...it does have the worst stigma attached for some reason. I know girls/ guys who have gotten nose, lip, breast work done and it's all very out in the open and accepted. Maybe things will change overtime.
  8. Yeah thats it Spuraman, I'm at a crossroads here...I can: 1. shave it all off and try to deal with that and re-build my confidence and self-esteem over the next few years 2. get a HT, hope that it goes well and get back my self-esteem 3. continue the way I am...hiding in shadows and living a miserable life because of hairloss 2 seems the most attractive option. I'd love to get a HT, but £4-5k is a lot of money and I'd be worried I'd get bad results. Also the propecia doesn't seem to be working well with me. I mean I have not maintained what I had when I started it over 2 years ago...and the last 6 months there has been a drastic amount of loss. What happens if I get the HT, and the rest on top falls out over the next year...I'm gonna be even more scr*wed then because I can't just shave it all off (due to the scars etc). I have quite long/ straight hair on my legs...I wonder if that could be used for donor area instead! hehe plenty of hair there!
  9. Hi timuk. I know what you mean about 'it's all relative'. I have an overweight friend in his 20's who is deeply depressed because he just can't lose any weight no matter how much he exercises or watches his diet. He always comments on me being skinny and that he would give anything to be skinny too...but of course I'd love to have his thick hair! Gonna 'confess all' to my mother tonight. We've talked about my hairloss before years ago. She's aware I've been having serious self-esteem issues recently, and I know she won't mock me about the concealer (too much I hope!! hehe) I'll ask her to cut my hair if she can, as I don't think I can face a barbour/ salon. Do any of you guys use Rogaine Foam? What do you think of it? I've read some amazing reviews, and some not so great reviews (as with any product) but I'm willing to give anything a try. It seems the preferred method (rather than in liquid form). Have any of you guys seen much/ any re-growth with this product? How long did it take until you saw any change? I don't have any completely bald areas atm, so this would be used on my whole scalp which is generally thinning. tbh, if I could get a month or so off work (to recover/ regrow/ hide), and knew the HT would work (i've read they're not always successful) ...I'd organise it with Spex today to get it done in the new year - and just re-start my life.
  10. Guys this is great advice/ feedback, thanks! I think I'll take the first step and get a hair cut. I'll need to look to see if there are any salons or places that may specialise in hairloss or thinning hair (I've heard there are ones around) I just couldn't bear going to a normal place and go through the whole humiliating experience. I remember the last time I went to a barbour (about 4 years ago)...it lasted 30-40 mins and it was the longest moment in my life and my hair was a good bit thicker then. Atm I cut my hair myself, or used to get my girl to trim it (touching ends only) in the living room where it's dimly lit. Maybe I could buy clippers with variable lengths and do it myself? Maybe I take the embaressment badly, I know people who are going bald and don't seem to care. Hell my brother is a few years older (he went bald differently to me in his early 20's) and he just laughed it off. To me it's ruined my 20's. I've avoided so much because of this. Turned down holidays in the sun, pushed girls away when they get too close, pissed off employers because I avoid certain professional situations. Apart from this my life would be bliss. I have a house, earn enough to live happily, really good friends/ family...no other worries. Just lack of self-esteem due to this. I'd just love to be able to walk outdoors without a hat (rain or shine), go swimming again, be able to stand for photos and not worry if the flash will tell-tales, or make sure I'm not standing under a bright light. I feel so cheated (as some of you have said before). I've mailed spex a bit last month and sent him photos etc. He said (hope you don't mind me mentioning spex) I wouldn't need to see him as the pics i sent were ok to assess the situation. He said I'd need to get it buzzed down before the session for the best result. I just don't know if I can do that yet. If I have the procedure in Feb, I have a wedding in March and one in April. I doubt I'll have grown much back in that time, and I can't turn up for wedding photos w/ the scar etc. Ah well, I'll look into this haircut first...
  11. Thanks for the reply and input! The main problem is...I don't know how to make any changes. I've had my hair this way for ages, working diligently to disguise any loss, but it's getting too hard to cover up and ppl are really noticing. but they're not noticing hairloss...they're noticing a scalp covered in brown concealer!! I used to be able to walk outdoors, and not worry about bright rooms because the concealer helped, but now light just shines right thru my hair and all you can see is a colored scalp with fine hair on top. I'm avoiding work occasionally, avoiding relationships, avoiding events were I can't wear a hat or sit in the dark... I'm basically scr*wed atm! I've got an amazing girl who loves me, and I've basically pushed her away because I don't want her to find out because I'm so embaressed and ashamed of what I do. It's wrecking my life! How am I gonna make my initial changes? I can't just shave my head tomorrow because it'll be too striking a change. Re: HT - I have generally fine hair all over, so I'm worried a donor area would be insufficient, or that the HT wouldn't work and I'd not be able to shave my head due to scarring. I'm really at my wits end. I wish I'd never touched concealer at all and just shaved my head when I started using it!
  12. Thanks for the reply s.a.f.! I'm using toppek shampoo & conditioner w/ toppik concealer. I also use Nizoral once or twice a week (along with propecia) none of it seems to be working tho...still getting progressively thinner it seems. I was considering Rogaine Foam as next step to see if that will do anything, but I've read mixed reviews. I've basically got 4" length hair in a centre parting, and was considering getting short sides/ back and then combed forward/ together on top if you know the kind of style I mean. It might be too thin for that now. Mind you, I'm scared of getting this done in case it looks worse, and also scared to go to a salon/ barbor because I'll not have my hat or concealer on to 'protect' me! How did people react to your change? What do you do now in relation to your hair? edit - just read your info page...very imformative!
  13. Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here, but I've been reading loads and keeping up-to-date with the boards. The truth is I need some serious advise. I'm pretty much at the end of my tether (as I'm sure you all have been at some point or another). Ok, so background info. I've been slowly thinning (diffused thinning) for about the last 10 years (well since I was 18 or so) to me it's a terrible way to go bald as I've got noticibly thin hair on the top of my head, altho I'm not receeding. I have slightly long hair (about 4 inches long) and have been using propecia for 2 years, and using a concealer to mask for about the same amount of time. The thing is, my hair has gotten drastically thinner over the last 6 months. So much so that using concealer looks rediculous in day-light or brightly lit rooms. I wear a hat most of the time I'm out, but in my work I'm regularly in meetings and I can't wear hats on those occasions, and I have two weddings in the new year which I'm just panicking about as I know there will be out-door photos etc. I'm starting to notice people looking at the top of my head when they're talking to me, and I just know they're thinking 'he's coloring in his scalp'. I can also see right through my hair now in the bathroom mirror. I've become so insular and unsociable recently because I can't mingle with people when they go outdoors for a chat, or to the office lunch-room because it's too brightly lit. I don't know what to do. I really wish I never started using the concealers obviously most people who haven't noticed think I've got normal brown hair...so if I shave my head to a number 1 they'll wonder how it got soooo thin over night because the follicles will be so greatly spaced out on top, but normal at the sides and back - it'll look like i went bald over night!! I have been discussing a HT with spex and doing loads of reading up, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off because of work (i.e. explaining the scar and shaved head to friends/ family/ clients until it hopefully re-grows). I just don't have the b*lls to say 'I got a HT!' unfortunately. I've not told any of my friends or family I've been doing meds/concealer, and I can't keep up the pretense any longer. I just don't know what to do. Shaving my head seems the only option, but I don't have the confidence to do it, I'm already at my lowest...that would push me over the edge! I was thinking of talking to my family about it. My mum used to chat to me about it when I first noticed it when I was younger...but she doesn't know about the meds or the concealer. I just feel so ashamed by it all. What can I do?!! Any one in/ been in the same/ similar predicament?
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys! I also just started using Nizoral a few weeks back after giving it a miss for 8 months or so...so that could have an influence as well then yeah?
  15. Hi guys, how are you all doing? I've been taking proscar for just over a year now, and i'm about to order another supply (with plans to organise a HT at some point next year.) Thing is, I didn't have a noticable shedding in the early stages, but over the past two-three weeks I've lost a considerable amount of hair, and it's getting very noticable. Is this just a shedding stage, or are the meds not working as intended? I'm worried I might be wasting my money if I buy another supply. Kinda scary to see one year in! If it's just shedding, should I expect to see some regrowth soon? As always, looking forward to your input!
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