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  1. As always very nice .. but i think mine is better
  2. I had brilliant results from Feller! Couldn't be happier. Flying to New York is as easy as catching a bus to your local town center only you get to eat , drink and watch movies the entire way. I have never been to a more vibrant and fantasitic city as NYC! You have nothing to worry at all Definately travel goes without saying and is a must to get the best natural results. I made the mistake of going to the H0spital Gr0up -NIGHTMARE I then nearly went to Rogers but luckily found the forums You can not go wrong with Dr Feller
  3. very nice work coming in
  4. AVOID!!!! Run a search on CHOI http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1450&hl=
  5. You have saved him a great deal of heartache
  6. shaft i understand you wanting to support patients Dr's but i have to agree with PB on this that this result is very unsatisfactory from Rogers. How this can be see as a positive experience from Rogers i don't know am i missing something? 3 sessions! Hair2day, welcome aboard. You sharing your experiences will undoubtedly help many people. All the very best with your recent session. I too went to wellsbourne/HG so know where you are coming from Did Feller mention how many more grafts he could harvest in another session as i think you will need to beef up the front even more. Do you have another session in you now? Personally i shaved down as I wanted Feller to have all the flexibility he needed to perform the best job possible. Shaving down is essential to achieve the best possible result from a HT and provides the Dr the most flexibility. Its not about "giving in". Shaving down is only short term, it grows back!! That doesn't make sense mate ..... shaving down is short term for the procedure and allows a better job longer term, better results Feller and you obviously dictated the surgery around this issue though and i am sure the front where maybe you needed to be shaved down will be made better anyway regarless. How many grafts were placed in your front right hand side by Feller?
  7. Looking at these pictures this is quite a transformation reyno. You were completely bald and now you have a great deal of hair you must be pleased Feller has done wonders in my opinion. The way the grafts have been placed is clever by combing it forward you achieve a great look. This will act as a fantastic platform for your 2nd session as helpme mentioned. All the best with your 2nd session BTW we all wish for more density, its called hair greed I don't think i have ever read of one person getting just 1 HT especially a NW 7
  8. youngbald


    Looking very nice Zip- it for only 6 months
  9. A big difference Reyno and i think Dr Fellers post clarified a few things aswell regarding placement. I think when a Dr is covering a large area like this he can't split the baby and get density as well as coverage as there are only so many grafts available to use in one pass. Your extensive baldness has been transformed and although the density is not quite there a second pass will soon sort that out. Then you will have the coverage and the density All in all a good result. Nice post Dr Feller as well. I am sure Renyo and the guys here appreciate you taking the time to help understand this result a little better. Synergy
  10. Why did Feller only do one side and not pack out the entire thinning front? Is he intending to comb it over from right to left, as this appears to be the plan? What happens when the front goes or is that transplanted already?
  11. Makes me laugh that instead of these clinics presenting their work on forums, they threaten Spex Obviously their work can't cut the mustard otherwise they would come on the forums and present it for us all to see and with so many patients reporting poor experiences at these UK clnics all they can do is try to disrupt Spex from giving people accuarte information. It just goes to show you what HT clinics are prepared to resort to
  12. Never heard of him, don't roll the dice on a Dr that hasn't got a well know rep for being at the top of his game. This is a HT not a jacket you are getting
  13. Harsh sunlight does noones hair favours All the best it looks like a dramatic difference
  14. This is a good point. Normal pictures would help instead of the 200w bulb directly above I would suggest getting a proper haircut as well. It appears too long and is not doing you any favours.
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