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  1. so i've decided i cant take it... im buying proscar. is there a differenece in propecia and proscar? how do i cut it? special way? my GP wasnt sure because he said some pills (like viagra) dont cut well and have spread out hormones or someting... im so depressed y wont it stop!? im only 20!!! :'( im the laughing stock of all my friends... this world sux sometimes, no?
  2. Ya i second that comment. Alot of us need to realize that hair doesnt make the man and if the women dont like us for who we are, then obviously somethings wrong with them. I mean isnt like 50% or more men bald lol... something crazy like that. Nothing wrong with it. Though I wish mine would stop..... Haha
  3. Fincar is what I have been looking at getting as I live in Canada and everything is too darned expensive. Anyone have anything good to say about Fincar? From India? lol The idea is cool how ingredients can be the same as the patent, but the process as to how its made has to be different. Any advice would be nice on Fincar
  4. its Propecia and its for 30 pills. comes in a box, and ya $80 for 30 of them. once daily. thats just way too much,
  5. Well I have talked with the UK dr, and mailed specs but i still have no answer as to where I can find Propecia or Procar in canada for a resonable price! lol I currently pay $80 CND which is about 39 GBP or mayabe 70 USD from my local pharmacy a month. I dont know where to order. If anyone knows a place, please let me know. I know you cant post on forum so email me at isthatallugot@hotmail.com Thank you guys! u make life so much easier for us so troubled by this.
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