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  1. Instead of Minoxdil you could use Nanoxidil, which is considered the next generation Minoxidil. The difference being that Nanoxidil is made by using very tiny particles, thus penetrating the skin easier and faster. We offer this at our online anti hair loss webshop
  2. Hi All, Here are some picture of a patient that was treated last year. Exited about his results he provided us with some good quality pictures of his final results.
  3. I would suggest you look into Keratene Retard. This is an alternative DHT blocker and it comes as a food supplement. It does not give any serious side effects and it is already recommended by multiple top docs in Europe.
  4. What can 2800 do for this patient? watch the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2IwwoyZkNM
  5. Prohairclinic is an FUE only hair transplantation institute. We are visited by man and woman with specific hair problems. Often a hair transplantation or Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be a solution. However in some instances using concealers gives a better effect. Concealers are tiny micro fibers (made out of the same material as your hair) which attach to existing hair when applied. Here are some examples pictures taken in our clinic after our '30 second hair transplant' using Nanogen Fibers (available at our webshop)
  6. Please view our latest video showing the result of a 2700 FUE grafts procedure. In order to achieve consistent high quality results we use: Manual extractions only : 0.80 punches Forceps implantation: using dedicated and extremely experienced assistants, left handed and right handed for quality.
  7. I would like to introduce a new DHT lowering product, named Keratene Retard. It was introduced in September 2012 during the International FUE meeting in Berlin. The scientific presentation, based on good solid research impressed many of the attending doctors. Keratene Retard lowers DHT blood levels without causing any serious side effects. They come in tablet form and are usually taken twice a day to keep DHT levels reduced. It is generally accepted that lowering DHT levels is beneficial in combation progressive MPB hair loss. Bart
  8. Here is a video example of a patient that came to us after his first hair transplantation did not make him happy. We densified the frontal 1/3 of the scalp with 3250 grafts.
  9. Hi, This is an example of crown SMP, video taken immediately after the second session.
  10. Hi All, Another example of our consistant high level of perfomance using manual FUE technique.
  11. Best wishes for the new year, Team Prohairclinic Dr. Schraepen, Sabine Kristel Ellen Kirsten Bart
  12. This patient came back to us 14 months after his transplant at our clinic. Needles to say he is exited about his results, and so are we 2000 FUE grafts where extracted and implanted at high density. We use the manual version of FUE hair transplantation for quality reasons. Situation before
  13. Here a video of a patient with a particular hair loss pattern. He kept the frontal forelock, but he lost quite a bit of hair just behind the hairline. We used a 2000 graft FUE session in order to reconstruct a totally naturally looking hair situation. Enjoy the High Definition Video
  14. In this video you are able to see professional hands at work during FUE extractions. Manual extractions: At Prohairclinic we use manual extractions only, no electric or motorized devices. The extraction needles we use are 0.70-0.80 mm in diameter. Furthermore we use a variety of sharp of blunt needles which is necessary to make extraction smooth for each type of skin. Quality of manual extractions explained Extractions using small needles is hard, but it is key to a successful hair transplant procedure. Therefore we practice FUE EVERY SINGLE DAY and this since 2004. We find that using 0.70-0.80 mm FUE punches enables us to get the best hair/graft ratio. It would be possible to use 0.50-0.60 mm needles, but it would mean to take into account that the total amount of hairs transplanted is lowered. Manual type extractions also give the extractor a finger tip ‘feeling’ for the invisible hair shaft underneath the skin. FUE extractors with years of experience will feel transections, while this is impossible with a heavy rotation and vibrating electrical device. Therefore we believe that manuel FUE extractions are superior to using electric devices. Furthermore the rotation speed of manual extraction is quite low compared to automated systems. Heat build up around the graft due to rotational friction is negligible during manual FUE extractions. In the video you will see ‘raw’ high detailed footage of FUE extraction. Please note the ease at which the grafts are removed, virtually no pulling is required. Video (warning :graphic content)
  15. Here is another example how a good plan gets to most out of a bad situation. This patient was loosing hair rapidly, especially in the crown area. Therefore he was adviced to use propecia/finasteride to stop further hairloss and strenghten the original hairs. Furthermore we carried out a 1300 graft FUE hair transplantation in the crown area, to improve density.
  16. This patient first noticed thinning hair in his twenties. In order to avoid his hair loss becoming too visible he dediced to shave it all. After many years he decided to have a hair transplantation procedure at Prohairclinic Belgium in order to restore his hair loss. The plan called for 2 seperate FUE hair transplantation sessions. The first one was carried out in 2010 and 2800 grafts were placed in zones 1-2. A year later he came back for a second round and another 1500 where placed, this time in zone 3. As you can tell from looking at the donor area at the end of the hair tranplantation video he still has plenty of reserves left. In fact his donor area looks untouched eventhoug almost 9000 hairs have been removed from the back and side of his scalp.
  17. We are pleased to announce that Prohairclinic Belgium will be comming to London for the first time in our history. Date : 30th April 2012 Prohairclinic is Europe's first FUE only hair transplantation clinic. If you are interested in a free, personal information session please contact Prohairclinic.
  18. Here are some interesting Blogs that you may consider following Patient from Sweden Blogs about his FUE session at Prohairclinic Belgium http://minfue.blogspot.com/ Prohairclinic Blog : some news and inside information can be found here http://fue-hairtransplantion.blogspot.com/ and last but not least you can find use on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Prohairclinic
  19. We are proud to present more video footage of our results. About us : We are most lilkely the first FUE only clinic in Europe since 2004. Our procedures are carried out manually, no electric devices are used for quality issues. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3KriLNOIUM
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