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  1. “There is no final evidence yet,” Paus said, “But it is quite possible that more relaxation can do a lot of good to your hair.” The Luebeck team confirmed the results of a test conducted among handball athletes during the 2007 world championships, revealing that mental tension and physical exertion led to an increased release of stress hormones, increasing hair loss among professional athletes. Sureley, there has to be a balance though, I mean physical exertion can often only be for a few minutes, it can't be that bad or all long distance runners would be bald It must be only be a small part of the problem - and not a main reason We can only take it easy for so long - unless we want hair like David Ginola and bank accounts like Ken Barlow.
  2. Half of the battle on this journey is finding the right thing to do and feeling at ease about it. I cannot afford a regular prescription of any medication, and certainley not in the long term. However, I indulge in blood flow stimulation using brushing and massage - it may only have minimal benefits - but its just another positive step and allows me to feel some control over an otherwise incontrollable situation. Spraying on a lotion or taking a tablet still requires confidence and not just in the short term.
  3. £100 for a roughly 20 month supply - if you cut each pill into fifths. That's not bad - approx £5 per month - (I probably spend more on vitmains and lotions to find a cure) But what it's worth asking is its £5 a month for life! - or until I decide to let nature have its way I want to believe there is a cost free routine that will have a reasonable effect on hair loss prevention cos if you are 30 years old and start using Finasteride (assuming Dr Ashcroft will offer same service in definately) - the cost till I am 60 is £1800 not allowing for price changes. Which is better than Regain which will cost £12,500 for the same period. We should definately pool any info that may lead to a cost free remedy Lets face it - we are more motivated than any scientist who can wait
  4. See a doctor for a professional diagnosis. If s/he concludes you just have male pattern baldness, then get in touch with Dr Ashcroft for a finasteride prescription. How much does Dr ashcroft charge for a prescription of Finasteride ? to be so crude to ask At the end of the day - every man has to draw a line where vanity exceeds cost I am just so disappointed with those guys who find a solution that works and then charge money for their discovery - they quickly forget what it was like before they found their solution. Many Thanks
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