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  1. Hi How is your HT coming along?
  2. Hi Capt How many grafts did you have with Dr R? Why would you not consider going back for a larger session? Cheers mate
  3. Hi I have been on proscar for a number of years and cut the tablets in 1/4 pieces. However, I have heard that some people just take 1/2 a tablet, every Mon/Wed/Fri. Does anyone think that there would be any advantages/disadvantages to this? Cheers
  4. Hi Martin I was just a little worried about the increase in testosterone due to using weights etc. I was wondering if there was any scientific evidence either for or against. Cheers
  5. Hi Spex What I was getting at was the incresed levels of Testosterone. Logically, it might make sense - as DHT levels would be increased. If you are losing hair anyway, an increase in the levels of your testosterone wouldn't be a good thing. Testostrone does not cause hairloss in itself, however is responsible for hairloss in people with a genetic disposition i.e.MPB. Cheers
  6. Hi Not sure if this question has been asked before, apologies if it has; Does anyone know if there is a an increased risk of hairloss when going to the gym? I read that testosterone levels are increased for up to 60 minutes after weight training. I have started doing some weights to improve my fitness/physique but worried that this might lead to more loss. (What a cruel world, we can't even build our puny bodies up now!!!!)
  7. Hey Mayday I have sent you a PM Cheers
  8. HDC were represented by a guy called Phil who then moved over to Dr Bisanga in Belgium. I think Bisanga worked for HDC; I am not sure who their surgeon is now. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Phil was banned form posting here. Dude, can you drop the text speak?- anyone over 30 hasn't a clue!!!! By the way, did anyone see the feature in the Sunday Mirror about HT's- Dr Rogers was shown cuttting a strip away from someone's head.
  9. I pursuaded my GP tp prescribe proscar on the NHS - I cut the tablets into 1/4s. Cheers
  10. Scar's OK, start working on the grey now Doc
  11. I went for a consultaion with Malcolm Mendelsohn about 3 years back and this surgeon was working for NHI. I never followed this up as I wasn't sure about the whole thing.
  12. What do you reckon to these photo's? I think this bloke used to post on here, raving about that Choi thing. http://www.headofhair.co.uk/hair-loss-gallery-Today.html
  13. Have you any idea of the density of the grafts? Thanks
  14. His story is documented here at www.farjo.net along with some other guy who plays rugby. Check out the other pictures on the site - the pics look a bit odd in my opinion.
  15. Thanks for the advice regard shaving it off; but I look like a total c*nt with a shaved head so I would rather not.
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