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  1. I get my foam from hairlosstruth.co.uk It's UK so get it next day as well. Only sells foam tho. I use revita shampoo and find it a very nice shampoo. I even think it may have helped thicken up my hair which I didn't expect as I've just come off the fin because of sides about 1 month ago.
  2. No shedding, I'm only using 0.5mg a day tho because I don't like the idea of taking fin at all. On the other hand I don't like the idea of having a bald head. I did shed from using minox when i changed to the foam.
  3. I got it the first few days of using it. it went away after about 1 week. no sidess at all now - 3 months in. no hair growth yet either.
  4. Hi Northwest, Thanks for the link, I've ordered some MSM today. Yes i'm still using 0.5mg of fin at the moment. Might up it soon. Thanks for the advice. In regards to the MSM, do you take 2x 1000mg tablets a day or every other day or what?
  5. That's probs the best result I've ever seen. I would stick with what your doing mate. I only hope I get the same result as I'm using exactly what you are. I started with Kirkland Minox as well. When I changed to Foam I started shedding (still am I think) I'm about 8 weeks into using the foam and 4 weeks into using Finpecia so fingers crossed. I think I'll get some MSM. Congrats anyway mate !!
  6. Just to add, I it was just over 1 month of using the foam not 2. After reading about Sheds on some of Spex very useful posts, I now think maybe the new foam has made me shed ?? new meds new sheds ? It's just a thought and would make sense-ish. by the way I ended up joining the Fin club! happy to say no sides yet but very early days, nearly two weeks into it. Bit of dull ache in the bollocks but nothing bad at all. Oh and I only take 0.5mg a day. There was one night I was reading about people who have been on fin/pro and then grown tits and suffered from permanent floppycockitis (impotent) , I found lots of posts which scared me to death.. I thought "that's it I'm binning these tablets!!" then that night I couldn't get it up (1st time ever!) for the missus (she was not happy!) and I couldn't sleep thinking about all these posts saying "the sides will get you eventually!" but since I've been normal - sex life is fine so far, just the one scare and i put this purely down to my mind!! 100%. The mind is a VERY powerful thing!
  7. Thanks, I will, can sheds last 5 weeks? at this rate i'll have no hair at all in another 5! Are you saying I should just keep using the foam then? Sorry, you did say do a search on this, i'll have a look.
  8. Just a thought, my hair turned for the worst about 3 weeks after changing to the new foam I wonder if this is part of the problem ? Anyone else had this problem with foam ?? I think I'm going back to the liquid maybe, I know at the end of the day there both 5% minox but it seems strange. It can't be a shed can it? it's lasted about5 weeks so far and still getting thinner
  9. I've heard good things about it. Lots of people seem to like it and it's full of all the right stuff. But the answer is no from me I've not yet experienced it. I may give it ago tho because i've read (on posts from different sites) about people not doing well of minox on it's own respond to this better.
  10. Hi, Anyone on here into body building? or general fitness? I just wondered what effect taking finasteride would have while doing weights and keeping fit as I do everyday. I heard It makes you produce more testosterone which would be beneficial (for strengh and stamina) is this true? If so why would people report losing there sexual appetite as this is down to testosterone? am I missing something. I did read that as it stops DHT it produces more testosterone. This is when I was looking into finasteride and gynecomastia (bitch tits) which I hope is rare . It said because the body produces so much testosterone because it's not converting into DHT anymore it then produces estrogen which is the cause of gynecomastia. Can anyone clear this up for me?
  11. Thanks for the advice TBF / Pondle. My finpecia (generic propecia) have arrived today, I'm going to start taking them tomorrow. still going to take half a tablet each day tho. The cost is little issue to me (enough to make me buy generic), I just really don't like the idea of taking this stuff, on the other hand I really don't like the idea of having a shiny bald head!. No scar with this FUE thing then ? so you cant tell at all then?
  12. Hi, I have just purchased some retin-a and spiro lotion to compliment the minoxidil, I'd just like to know how to apply them? shall I do it like this: Minox 5% 5 mins later then Retin-a 5 mins later then Spiro cream Every night and morning? or just night? Or is there a better/more effective way?
  13. Thats very interesting stuff, thanks guys and that's a great link Pondle, cheers. I think I will start taking 0.5mg a day then, see what happens. I've never taken it before and have never wanted to either but I think it's my last resort to keeping (maybe even regrowing) the hair I have left. I'm never going to get a HT, mostly because I like my head shaved and don't want scars. I guess I'll try Fin and if it doesn't work i'll wave my hair goodbye!
  14. Hi, I've read a few things on the subject of people taking 1mg propecia and people cutting there Proscar 5mg tablets into 5ths or quarters to achieve the 1mg or 1.25mg. I also came across some information stating you only need 0.25mg's of finastride a day to prevent hair loss. Then I came across a guy saying he had testicular pain from 1mg tablets so cut them in half taking 0.5mg -and it worked! so I would just like some clarification on this please? I know most people take 1mg.
  15. Realists or pessimists? On this site it seems most people (or those who can be bothered posting) are very pessimistic or some might say realistic on the subject of treatments? Fist impression on this forum, It seems: Rogain :- Makes all your hair fall out irreversibly! or might just give you an irritated scalp and mild case of depression. Fin/Pro :- Gives you bitch tits, impotence, testicular pains, low volume of spunk, low labido and I could go on .... Spiro :- just doesn't work nor does Retin-a. and (understandably maybe) the herbal options are dismissed instantly. The only success I have come across is HT's or keeping your hair after having a HT. Has anyone on here actually just followed the "big 3" and had any success without a HT?? Just curious. As a fellow sceptic and only having experienced one treatment (minox 5%) unsuccessfully restoring any hair, infact probably doing more damage. This does not give me any confidence in trying anything else.. A succsess story would be nice. Any chance?
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