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  1. Sounds like a plan! Thanks very much for taking the time to reply Spex and Chino – very much appreciated.
  2. Hi chaps, I've had a good look at this forum and it seems to be about the only place on the internet with genuine helpful info on hair loss, so I hoped that some you might be able to help me please?! I'm 26 and my hair has got thinner on top (pretty much equally) over the last year. There is no visible scalp (unless I'm just out of the shower, and then its only a bit). Its definitely thinned though – if I do a centre parting the parting is noticeably wider for instance, and if its windy it definitely blows about more. My regular hairdresser of 6 years+ also noticed it was a bit thinner on top, so I've ruled out paranoia! My hair is pretty long (approx 5.5") , and the hairs themselves are pretty thick, but it seems that the number of them on the top isn't what it was. All of the above led me to think I have the beginnings of male pattern baldness. However, what doesn't tally with what I've read about MPB is that my hairline has always been pretty straight, and this hasn't changed at all, with no receding whatsoever, and my crown area doesn't seem to be any thinner than the rest of (the top of) my head. These two factors have made me want to ask you guys if it still sounds like MPB, or if it might be a different condition. I think I'll go and see the doctor at some point, but would like your opinion before I go. By the way, I don't know if the genetic thing is thought of as an old wives tale, but in case its relevant, neither my father or my paternal or maternal grandfathers had MPB. Anyway, enough from me! If any of you have any ideas on whether this still sounds like MPB, or if it sounds like something else, I would be really grateful if you could let me know. Thanks for reading. Cheers! Redduss.
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