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  1. Wow, looks great, the scar is amazingly tidy, nice one well done. did you get the recepient area shaved? it doesn't look like it in the pics. IH BTW did you get to meet B spot on your travels?
  2. Lookin forward to the pics.. great to hear all went well as expected nice one mate, grow well IH
  3. hope all goes well for ya, greedy F***er IH
  4. Cheers for the comments Guys, As i have posted to Spex on another site ( that I'm allowed to post on ). I have now limited my smoking to non medical facilitys since this picture. It's haunting me at this stage Spex, I am giving serious thought to getting some advice on the crown for this summer. Dr F reckoned i had 1000-1500 grafts left and i wonder what kind of differance it would make. I might pop over when the Doc is in the UK later this year. IH
  5. 15 months out from Dr Feller, it looks better then this in real life too IH
  6. Cheers lads, Thanks for posting the pictures PB would be round 3 for me Spex and i am thinking about it IH
  7. 11 months out now and time to update you guys. http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forum...61/m/5791025943 unable to post pictures directly here for some reason IH
  8. Looks great for only 5 months, plenty more to come too. IH
  9. cheers lads, Spex, i am tempted to go for 1 more, might pop over to the january showcase to get Dr Fs opinion. He thinks i only have about 1000-1500 grafts left Haggis I was a Norwood 5 Lucky I don't have access to THAT photo, Spex dug that one up himself IH
  10. 8 months post HT,16 months on Fin, 7 months on rogaine foam. Can't post on this site for some reason. IH http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forum...33&f=2566060861
  11. Lucky i was worried too. Had my first cut at about 5 months and got a sissors cut, not too tight and no buzzing. At 7 months i got a No3 buzz cut at a barber out of my local town and he nouiced nothing or at least said nothing, so a bit of everyones advice here i suppose. IH
  12. been watching this unfold and wondering if i should post or not. your dealing with a bully and all bullies are cowards, I can only imagine it is a little worring for you, keep doing what you do, keep helping all that you do help and this pimple on the arse of socity will disapear in time. IH
  13. lookin good garageland. might get that Morrissey look yet IH
  14. PB most people ask if i'm letting my hair grow, i would have kept it very very short before HT. I get a lot of second glances or asked if i am dying my hair. Most people are so absorbed with their own lifes that they don't notice or can't pin down what is different in others. IH cheers for the nice comments guys
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