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  1. Hi pianoman99 Ive just read your story...u mentioned that u had 4 previous HT, what happen to them grafts/hair(s)...didnt they grow??
  2. Hi Hi, Im new to this hair transplant, so I don't know much about it, apart from what I have read on the internet, im thinking of having Hair Transplant done. The most important decision in restoring my hair is the surgeon/Clinic that will be doing my HT. The skill, talent, and experience of hair restoration surgeons/Clinics vary widely in the UK, as do the end results. Who does my HT will determine how natural and full my new hair will be for the rest of my life. Having searched on the Internet, I’m puzzled where to go for my HT, everyone is saying, “They are the Best” in HT. Im only interested in having my HT in the UK and I was wondering if anyone has their thoughts on The Hospital Group and Vinci Hair clinic. What other clinic(s) would u recommend?? Thanks Jazz
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