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  1. Sagg's probably up to his eyeballs in fanny lolz.
  2. Incorrect again. Dont bother me with your nonsense. Im not bumping this thread anymore.
  3. I left myself logged in, Not thats its any of your business. Feel free to delete this worthless thread Bill.
  4. Talking of slaps, The culprit could do with a few. Any updates?
  5. Those grafts look horrible, poor guy.
  6. johnyd473


    HaHa You dont grandpa. You wanna see the birds i fuck, you old ginger wanker.
  7. Welcome beachboy! and all the best with your HT with Dr Feller!
  8. Welcome to the jungle! Congrats on your HT with Dr Cole haggis, Im sure it'll look great, Keep us posted!
  9. MAN! Thats what i call a transformation and a half !!! Totally Natural as well !!! Congrats garage !!!
  10. ^Yeah! What he said! BTW masturbation is illegal ? (Only in public enclosed spaces right?)
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