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  1. Those are some really nice pics! It's been twenty years since I've been to NYC and what looks different is the streets seem to be cleaner. When I went down, the streets were usually covered with garbage no matter what part you went to. Good to see some of NYC looking actually presentable...
  2. I feel your pain, I'm going through the same thing a litte after two months out of OP. Worse part for me is the bumps, they seem to be only on one side of my temple and this area is getting worse. The bumps are more sensative and the area is not only sore but numb. I have been applying hot towels every morning and night and just when they seem to settle down, I wake up the next morning and the bumps are back and bigger! I have been applying anti-biotic cream as well, little to no effect. Everyone keeps telling me that it will take several months to see any improvement and any difference. so I keep holding on to that. But I feel the same as you, like I've just spent allot of money for nothing. I will keep waiting and will not give up, hope you keep plugging as well....
  3. Six week mark for me and everything you've mention is what I have right now. I'm still fighting slight bumbs and pimples and the area is still red plus sore. Nothing is growing but I wonder about the hairs that don't shed, will they still be okay and start growing or fall out later? I have quite a few that didn't fall out and I hope I won't lose them!
  4. One month after my HT I have several small bumps forming on the temple areas. I'm aware that pimples can form and have been battling them as well in the HT area but the bumps are more hard and painful to the touch. it's just on one side of the head. Anyone experience this?
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