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  1. Hi Sagg Dont think i`ve ever seen your pictures,would be great to see them. Thanks bm.
  2. Thanks for those Spex. Very nice result. She must be very happy now. Cheers bm.
  3. Starting to come together now,quite a bit of growth you have already. Early days yet,it will only get better from now on. Thanks for the update. Cheers bm.
  4. Thanks Spex I tried uploading more pictures but the permissions message came up. Is this due to the type of file the picture is. Cheers bm.
  5. Thanks Mr T. This is my graft breakdown. Here are some pictures of my HT journey. I had 250 or 350 grafts in the hairline and the rest went into my crown. So approximately 1300 grafts. Here is my graft count. 1s-285 2s-907 3s-399 4s-23 1614grafts =3388 hairs strip size was 1.3width by 16.5cm length Hope you are doing well too. Cheers bm.
  6. Here are my pictures at twelve months.
  7. Hi Bn. Three months gone by already,those little stubbles will be shooting up before you know it. Your donor area is looking better now than before your surgery.Asi`ve met you in person i can definately say i can see an improvemebt already. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. Take care bm.
  8. Cheers Ian and Spex,hopefully i`ll get them sorted this weekend. bm.
  9. Yea be great to see his pics.He had his HT end of July beginning of August 08. Quote Well i did it 1012 FUE with Dr Feller. I will write a larger post when fully recovered from my trip but so far so good and i am well happy to say i would do it all again tomorrow. The trip home was a long one due to a big delay but apart from that everything ran smoothly.Speak soon http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=3973&hl=
  10. Hi Dr Alexander. If someone is staying longer or just chooses a different hotel where they get a better deal do you discount the two nights stay from their surgery costs. Thanks bm.
  11. Hey guys,its coming up to my yearly mark for my HT with SMG. I`ll be posting pictures shortly as i`m very happy so far. Take care all bm.
  12. Looking good BW,a little bit of lingering redness but thats easily concealed with your hair as shown in the picture.
  13. Less of the footy talk you two,gloating as you`re both at the best end. Hey BW Looking forward to seeing your updates and glad to hear that you are healing very well. Cheers bm.
  14. Looking right on course mate. Your donor area is looking so much better already. Only another 10 plus months to go.
  15. Looks very good and natural. His hairline fits him. I like how SMG hairlines are individually tailored that suits each patient. In the before picture his hair is slightly damp as were my own pre op ones for my hairline. This clearly shows where hair is and is not. When taking the before pictures it is quite possible for existing dry hair to not to show up on the photo and therefore the after result looks far more convincing. I like the idea of clips to a certain extent to show the before situation but these can pull hair together and away from their natural position in the proposed transplanted area, again making this area appear to be thinner than it really is. Also there are many before photos with the recipient area already shaved. Do you have any immed post op pictures to show the placement of the grafts
  16. PB You appear to have made a slight oversight by missing a letter out of the address,easy mistake to make. The address is http://www.hairlossexperiences.com/ which is very similar. That site you posted is quite interesting though. Hope you are keeping well. cheers bm.
  17. Looks very good Dr Feller. A relatively small number of grafts have been utilised well. Any pictures of his donor scar. Thanks bm.
  18. This is a great result from way back then.It still looks very natural and has stood the test of time.A lot of doctors would be happy if they could produce this result today imo. His second two HTs are when i made the mistake of going to Norton. If only i knew then what i know now. Thanks for posting this example Bspot.
  19. Looks good so far. As Spex says a big area was covered with that amount of grafts. Thanks for posting. bm.
  20. Looking good BW,nice and clean and will produce a great hairline once grown out. Dr Feriduni looks to be producing great work.
  21. His hairloss was minimal imo and most would be happy with what he had,however i can fully understand the patients reasons for wanting it tweaked. Taking his age,hairloss,hair characteristics and donor supply into consideration Dr Paul has given him a nice,natural refinement to his hairline/temples using an appropriate number of grafts. At 7 months he is looking good. bm.
  22. Looks great and very natural hairline. Frames his face well.
  23. Hi BW 10 days post op is fine,just remember to wash it out to let your hair breathe as to say.
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