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  1. the loss of sex drive is very very common when commencing with finasteride doses. Usually side effects with drugs ends with discontinuation of the drug. however there are treatments to calm the side effects of Fin. A lot of people ignore the "see your doctor" tag as they are afraid to hear that they should stop taking the drug. I would say that it is more than likely that you will be able to continue use and reduce the side effects - assuming you are giving some good advice (and that you dont suffer from any strange hormonal patterns)
  2. nice video. do you get the same results when applying it urself?
  3. i use the pill cutter that pharmacists use. ask a chemist where he got his or if he has any spare. honestly its so much easier using this thing, and theres hardly any mess or wastage.
  4. so there isnt a catch with the kirkland minoxidil? I have had good results with rogaine5%Min twice a day so I am very wary of reversing some of the improvement by switching to a cheaper alternative. can I be sure that the two are completely compatible?
  5. It turns out that I missunderstood the article I was reading. Thanks anyway
  6. well all these f*ckers that abuse their body with no obvious repercussions never escape from the damage to their character. in 30 years time pete doherty may still have hair but will be severly lacking in substance beneath it.
  7. I recently read that vitamin C reduces the effect of rogaine. Is there any truth in that?
  8. is there any difference in effectiveness?
  9. I used it for a month or so. Not really sure if it affected loss but my hair felt great every morning... if thats worth the investment.
  10. "What does it actually do (I thought it just got rid of dandruff)?" I thought that it was simply anti-fungal. Does it have more affect than this?
  11. Raj - Get nanogen. Any user of toppik, nanogen and dermmatch will recommend nanogen. (you might want to try dermmatch with nanogen too)
  12. I see, I wasn't ware that the conversion to DHT was a process undertaken deep in the scalp. So im guessing you're voting tablets then. Are there any efffective natural supplements? I know the instant reaction is that natural products never work but surely there must be something?
  13. What is regarded as the most effective form of application for dht suppression - tablets/shampoo/other?
  14. this is obviously good advice for anyone trying new products. i will always be aware of other hormonal patterns occuring during the use of a new product. However, due to the speed at which my hairloss was reduced (3 weeks) and the time it has remained reduced (7 months) i am fairly convinced.
  15. I have been using nanogen for 2 years now - I can't go out without them. In the same way that I put contact lenses in before a night out or before work I put my nanogen in, I look much better with them, they take seconds and it does the job. Toppik is a similar product - but I cant see why anyone would prefer it. nanogen is's more subtle and natural looking.
  16. surely that means with a simply DNA test someones likelihood of going bald can be examined! v impressive
  17. Your opinion is voiced by many, and i'm sure a lot of professionals would agree with you. However I am a very scepticle person who does not appreciate the idea of buying into the marketing of these products when really they are based on little science. I am very carefull in avoiding the placebo effect when using this Nanoguard A shampoo and this is why i can guarantee that it works. Maybe it won't work for everyone but I am losing only a FRACTION of the hairs that i used to find on my pillow and I am using no other products (apart from the nanofibres concealer for when i go out). All i can do is suggest that if people haven't tried this shampoo then it's definitely worth giving it a go. I think i'm going to further my investment in the nanogen brand and buy nanogen B also. Again if anyone has some advice regarding this alternative i would love to hear it RA
  18. which nanoguard are you refering to? There is a Nanoguard A and a Nanoguard B. NanoguardA is a shampoo anti dht and B i think is also anti dht but also stimulates new hair growth (and is applied via a droplet bottle). I would advise to read the nanogen website (they make a lot more sense than me). The only advice I can give you is that Nanoguard A has (significantly!) reduced the thinning of my hair and I will continue to use it. Has anyone used the Nanogen B? - the science and results on their website looks very convincing but I have yet to read a full user review. RA
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