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  1. I've come off of fin about a month ago. The doctor felt that it might be the fin giving me night sweats, it looks like he was right as the night sweats have now gone. Trouble is I would also like to keep my hair. What advice would you give someone in my position?
  2. whats happened to the prices of finasteride on http://ukfinasteride.info it used to be 12 months of generic fin used to cost £99 i went to reorder today and its gone up to 14 months of generic fin used to cost £179. Is this the normal price nowdays, has the drug gone up that much in value or is this website just putting their prices up ? jt
  3. so proscar was working for 2 and a half years. I hope that does not happen to myself
  4. almost two months in and i have some regrowth below the temples, very small hairs atm but looks promising, mostly on the left side though.
  5. At the moment in taking generic finasteride, i have read on here that proscar works better then it generic versions. I'm going to order some more soon and wanted to know if its worth the extra cash. What the general opinion here?
  6. just got 3 months supply of 5%, I will keep you posted on how its going.
  7. where is a good place to get some of the generic sort?
  8. thanks Pondle, would i have to be on Minoxidil forever to keep the results if any as with Fin? How much is this likely to cost me?
  9. I have been on Fin and nizoral for 5 months now and I believe my hairloss has slowed down quite a lot. I am only reseeding at the front, what product should I try next to get re-growth at the front? http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...pe=post&id=2936
  10. welcome badhairday i've been using proscar for 2 1/2 months, no side effects yet, I've also not noticed my hair loss rate slowing either. But it takes 3 months to start working and 6 months before it fully kicks in, I'm hoping to start getting some results really soon. Drinking does not effect proscar and proscar will not effect your drinking. welcome to the board
  11. i think he has been away, but he has returned now and sent my meds. in total i waited 3 weeks
  12. i sent payment about two weeks ago. Hope he's back soon as I really need to start this treatment fast.
  13. Well i spoke with Dr john Ashcroft and hes a very helpfull nice guy. I have sent money to him but have not got anything back and his phone no longer works! Anyone know why?
  14. Thanks for the advice, I've emailed the doctor and Will get the shampoo tomorrow. Its cheered me up knowing that there is something i can do. Pic in first post,
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