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  1. Thanks for the help. I'm comming along to the open house in January so hope to meet some of you guys there.
  2. Thanks guys for the advice re: Propecia, I'm gonna start taking it again. Hairroot, your HT is really impressive, I'm looking into having one and ideally would like FUE rather than strip if I did, however cost and the need to consider further HTs might make this impossible. Do you mind if I ask how much time you had to take off work after the transplant and how long it was noticible for? The other thing that worries me is "shockloss", does anyone know if this is common, especially permanent shockloss? Cheers
  3. Hi Guys This seems like a decent forum with honest opinions so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I've had a receding hairline for years now, though haven't spoken to many people about hairloss. I'm gonna be 30 years old in April and started to notice my hair was beginning to recede when I was 18. It became more noticible when I was around 22, so I started taking propecia and using regain. I stopped using propecia when I found out that it has no effect on hair on the front part of the head, and I only used regain for a couple of weeks as it made my scalp itch and caused a rash. I've attached a pic of my hairline, I think I'm a two on the Norwood scale. I get the hairloss from my dad's side of the family, and have a brother but he is showing no sign of receding. I guess my Dad is a Norwood 3 and he's in his early sixties. I know my hairloss is relatively not that bad and seems to be slow, I'm hoping mine will follow my Dads pattern so the crown and back will hopefully not be affected. But loosing my hair is really starting to affect my confidence and makes me feel shite really. So I'm seriously looking into what my options are. Has anyone had any luck with meds that control hairloss on the front portions of the scalp? Is there anything I should be doing or taking to try and get my loss under control? I'm looking into having a HT and have found this forum to be an amazing source of info about that. But generally there seems to be alot of confusing and contradictory advice around about MPB, and all this info just bambozeles me. Any advice or info you could give would be a massive help. Cheers and a Merry Christmas Skipp
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