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  1. Ahhh so what your saying is, Chances are we will continue to lose hair for 3/4 (This hair would of been lost anyway with or without treatment). After this hair should stableize and either stay how it is or if we are lucky regrow . Correct? because the other day I did notice alot of hair come out whilst showering, supose thats the dreaded shed . Before that happened taking proscar really took my mind off this balding stuff, and i could really enjoy life, but after the what i think was the shed, i find my self looking at my hair line more again, hopefully i can stop doing this.
  2. ok its been alittle over a month now since i last posted here and ill keep you informed of what i have experienced whilst being on proscar. And the results are as follows. Nothing has happened no side effects no more hairloss but also no noticeable gain . But im happy with that and its only a month so i wouldnt expect any noticeable changes. But so far so good. will report back at the 3 month stage when i can be sure if im still losing or gaining or just staying as i am .
  3. I think you might of taken what specs said the wrong way, wig is a horrible word and counjours up images of blatently obvious hair peices. But in the end your going to end up putting some one else hair on a patch of material on your head, wether it looks good or not is down too the hair dresser who cuts it. A freshly made system with out it being cut too your head will look stupid but that same wig cut properly can look just like real hair, as long as it doesnt fall off or slip . Some dude who does GMTV was going on about it today but i forgot his name, the hairdresser him self is bald, maybe he has some info, if you can find out what his name was.
  4. Question on transplants here. Just out of curiosity, Can you go bald on your transplant area? again?
  5. What sort of baldness were you at when u started propecia, i have a pretty thick hair all over apart from the 2 areas i devolped 2 very thin patches, can i expect my thick areas too receive this shedding effect? ive just started on the propecia. I thought shedding only occured with the topical products . supose u have to go through it to get the results tho . Best of luck jayjay
  6. Hey guys good news i received my proscar from the gp specs recommended, i must admit i was / am reluctant to take such medication, but the situation i am in, lose my hair and not fight it, or put up a fight, I decided the medications is the way to go. I broke the pill up into 5 peices, and took the smallest chunk, will take all the smaller chunks first, incase any problems arise. The pills are very small smaller than i thought they would be, making splitting them quite difficult. But the gp assured me that it doesnt mater if one day you get 0.8mg the next 1.4mg the next 0.6mg as it evens out over the 5 days anyway to exactly 5mg. He didnt seem to convinsed on the powers of minoxodil or how ever you spell it. saying yes it creates a peach fuzz effect very well, but its powers too truely regrow hair he belives is very limited. Well ill report back to you all in a few weeks tell you if im fealing odd or turned into a mutant . But one thing is for sure, its like a weight of my shoulders actually starting this. Id advise any one who is considering this course of treatment too research it and thinking hard about it, but dont whittle over it for months like I did, its not good for you. I ended up fealing very ill about it all, so i just went for it. thx to specs
  7. Ok finally got too talk too The DR and hes a great guy really helpfull and I wish i hadnt taken this long too talk too him. But it seems everything is against me at the moment first the phone being delayed then after the Dr said he would give me the drug, I cant find my bloody cheque book. so another week im gonna have too wait now. Try and put my mind at rest guys, i wont lose much hair in a week or so will i , some how i have convinsed my self that i will. I know this is dumb. .
  8. Thx for all the help guys i got a responce and gonna give him a call when my new phone arrives damn O2 let me order a phone then told me they dont have it in stock im sure all my hair wont fall out in a week so its just gonna have too wait for now . Im just curious if any one knows, if i get perscribed medication by dr ashcroft will i be able too send the cash to his surgery. Id feal so much safer knowing its going too a clinic. I say this because too contact the dr i have too use a mobile number, and as im sure you all know one can never be too carefull. I was so close too spending 350 quid on 6 months propecia too
  9. Ok thx again for all the info. What i have decided too do is email Specs doctor and another doctor regarding this drug and if they think it would be of help too me. If any one should know specs dr will . I hope he replys soon.
  10. Ok been doing a bit more research on this subject. I found this http://www.propecia-uk.com/propecia.html Basically it says the chances of hair regrowth with propecia on the frontal hair line is not as good as it is at the vertex but there is a good chance that it will help maintain what hair you have. If specs you could confirm this ill be ordering the propecia. The link that this site gives is a good legit company correct? http://www.directresponsemarketing.com. Id just feal safer for now using offical product.
  11. Specs your a guy who knows his stuff, would u recomend propecia for frontal hairloss, in respect too basically stopping any more coming out. I know its doubtfull that it will actually thicken up my hair that has thinned, but do i have a good chance of it stopping any more from thinning?
  12. I have thining hair at the front of my hair line. IE directly above my eyes. After watching the videos on the Propecia web site and reading information. They kept saying "there is no evednece that Propecia works on receding hair lines and the temple areas" Does this mean the FDA tests were not dont on that part of the head or is it basically saying If your losing hair at the front, dont bother trying this. I dont want too part with my money too find out its not even going too work for me
  13. one last thing, there a few people i live with i would rather not know about what im taking. Is the package the GP sends marked up in anyway that would tell the contents of it. Sorry about all these questions im a very private person though.
  14. Thanks for all the help you guys are giving me it really does make a difference .
  15. Hi im very close too going too the doctors too try and get a perscription of proscar. Just a few questions. My hair loss is at the front hair line, i have a widows peak style hair line, Have had it all my life . but the are furthest back is now thinning and i have a block of thin hair symentrical either side. I know the test done with finestride (not sure of exact spelling) has proven too be effective on the crown/top hair area. Is it effective on the Front hair line area? Thanks so much.
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