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  1. Hi all, hope everyone is well! I've just gone past 5 months post-op, so i was due a thorough picture taking session (see below). Things are starting to take proper shape now which is encouraging. Its ridiculous, because you read it all the time, but it really is virtually impossible to stop yourself wondering if this is the lot... Human mind is a very interesting thing. In the close-ups i can see i have alot of maturing to go since i lot of the new grafts are still very curly. I can't see any new sprouters though, which is probably why the mind tricks are going on.. I think i had some decent early growth, and now that those hairs have grown relatively long, the rest might look a bit see-through because they have been left behind. Anyone else keen on over-analysis? Nevertheless, i remain very optimistic. Would be keen to get people's feedback, and how 5 months looked for them.. Pre and post-op can be seen here: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1761&hl= And now the pics: wet, dry, daylight, flash and close up!
  2. Hi all, First visit back in quite a while! Keen to give an update on my progress, since progress there has been! Just over 3.5 months out and i'm seeing the first signs of things to come I hope. See pics below, would be keen to hear people's thoughts! Hope everyone is well!!
  3. Hi guys, hope everyone is well I've been keeping pretty quiet on the HT front in 07 since my procedure back in Dec. Just been trying to put it out of my mind to keep impatience and the post-op blues at bay! But sure enough they have been lurking! Anyway, there's nothing major to update on, but I did give the back of my head its biggest trim since the op, and its given me a good indication of how the scar is coming along. And judging on the pic below i'm feeling pretty good about it! I can clearly see hair growing through the tricho-closure. I'm hoping this will turn out to be another work of art by Dr Feller, great work doc! Just shy of two months out, so if im reeeally lucky i might see some action by March. Fingers crossed!
  4. It looks like that scar will be exceptional! You twins must have some special healing genetics! Congrats!
  5. Hi mate No, having the staples removed was really quite easy in the end. You will receive a small removal device from your surgeon, so it is not essential that you visit a professional to have them out which makes life a bit easier for some. I had a family member remove them for me, but curiosity got the better of me and I actually removed some myself with the help of a couple of mirrors! I found that those that appear to be in more firmly were actually the easier to get out. And no, it really doesn't hurt as much as you might imagine. In fact I would go as far as saying some were FEELING-less. After all the donor area is still pretty numb at that stage. Certainly not something to worry about anyway!
  6. Hi Oldschool At no time do i think its wise for anyone to tell which doctor you should use, so i won't do so. Its a decision you should make yourself, but you can certainly get help on these forums. If you have actually decided to go ahead, then perhaps you could explain to us the reasons you decided on Bernstein, and that may help clarify things in your own head aswell as for the rest of us. If you are still weighing up your options, then this may also help which direction you finally choose. I personally don't understand discussions like the link posted above. It seems as though some choose the location they want to get surgery, then decide on which doctor they want the procedure with from there. That is completely the opposite way around things, location counts for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when deciding on your surgery. Its not going to affect how your HT will end up looking, which surely the most important factor. I came to my decision because i knew i had to go to one of the very best doctors in the business, and then from there i believed that Feller was best suited to what i actually wanted to achieve. Bernstein is certainly a highly regarded doctor, but i think Goeasy and Hairroots comments are fair. You see him in alot of internet video clips on US talk shows educating about HTs. But i dont think he has innovated much further since these were made. There are a number of docs who have taken the profession to the next level, and i knew i wanted to be sitting in the chair of one of those guys. I suggest thinking about your personal situation, start narrowing down the doctors you think are the best for you, then really close in on your research on them and your particular requirements. Post more questions if you need, and im sure alot of guys will be able to help point you in the right direction. There really is a wealth of information out there if you look in the right places, i suggest you read as much of it as possible. Good luck mate!! And now the good news... had my staples out today!! Looking forward to a solid sleep tonight! Looks like i was a couple of minutes too late with the reply!! As for meds, you don't have to you through your GP, you can order them online from various sites. I get generic Dutasteride online, and it works out cheaper. Especially since i get it from a US site, and the exchange rate is nothing sort of awesome right now (another thing that delighted me about the timing of my surgery in NY )
  7. Cheers for the welcome guys Helpme, ive attached a couple of scar pics below. Its still a bit scabbed up as you can see, but the actually scar is looking pretty tidy which im happy about. I didnt cut the back of my head for almost 3months before the procedure, so its no problem concealing it at all. Having said that, i cant wait to get those little metal satans out of my head though!! Comb-over, if you are considering surgery then the best advice i can give you is to continue your research. I personally had to be in a position where i knew absolutely everything about it, only that way can you be confident of making the right decisions. And these forums truely are a great test of results. Happy xmas everyone
  8. Hi all, this is my first post here, but I’ve been a long-term reader of this forum and others. I’ve taken a great deal from reading these forums in the past in order to thoroughly educate myself, and help me in my decision making. This has been invaluable, so I feel it is my turn to give something back, and hopefully contribute to this essential source of information. I finally had my first HT on Friday 15th Dec with Dr Feller, something that took me the best part of 7 years to commit to. I am 24 and had a 2000 graft procedure in the hairline, and I am six days post-op. For me, reading other people’s experiences, good and bad, has helped me a great deal, so I will now do the same in the hope it may help others in the future. I first started balding barely at the age of 17, and with a very high birth hairline, this soon became noticeable. My temples receded quite rapidly over the course of less than six months, to leave me with a very mature looking hairline. I also have very fine hair, which made this worse. Looking back, I believe my rapid thinning at this stage was in part very much like many adolescents experience in their late teens and early twenties: the transition from a child’s hairline, to an adult’s hairline. However, because my hairline was already very high and my hair is very fine, this transition may have had a disproportional affect aesthetically on me. I think very naturally, I developed quite a complexion about this, something that has existed to this day. I believe it is perfectly natural to be concerned about hair loss, it is an undesirable change to many and much as to be expected it has an adverse impact on self-esteem. Make no mistake about it, hair loss is a psychological issue. Much of it is a battle against your-self. Just like being fat is deemed a negative thing, hair loss is something no one really wants to suffer from. Unfortunately we live in a society that makes this harder to live with. There are of course those that can go through life without being concerned about hair loss, or to an extent where it does not play heavily on their mind. That is great for them, however, I like so many others, are not one of those. It may have been the fact I was so young, but it became a very frustrating thing for me, and I sought a solution. I soon trawled the internet for baldness treatments. I quickly dismissed most of the treatments I saw as unsubstantial, evidenced through their lack of credibility and lack of results to match. The major thing that kept coming up however, was Rogaine. I concentrated my research on Rogaine, but unfortunately it soon became clear to me that this was going to have little if any impact at all in helping me with my problem. The fact that it has had very little success in re-growing hair and even with halting the hair loss, especially in the hair line area led me to reject it as an option. I was young, and I wanted an immediate result. I finally came across hair transplants, which looked like the perfect solution. Your own hair and my hairline back. I read with excitement about the new ‘mini and micro’ grafting techniques, which sounded fantastic. I actually remember coming across Pat’s website at the time, who is now the editor of the Hair Restoration Research Forum, who was showing impressive results from Ron Shapiro. I remember reading about the essential talent of artistry in performing a hair transplant, and about the science around it, but by the same token I don’t think I truly understood the difference between a good surgeon and a bad one at that time. I wanted to go ahead in principle, but at the same time I had no means to afford it then and the prospect of actually having surgery done was petrifying. Something inside stopped me from pursuing the HT option at this stage, and I’m so glad that it did. However, that did not solve my problem, and neither did anything else, which left me pretty depressed. Remembering back, this was the worst I have ever felt about hair loss. There was no hope in sight and the future looked uncertain. It’s not a feeling I would wish on anyone else. In some ways however, I have been one of the lucky ones. I have learnt to come to terms with my hair loss and not let it consume me. This is not to say it did not continue to greatly affect me, but I remained a more or less outgoing and confident teenager. This was helped by the fact that the hair loss I suffered in my late teens has barely progressed to this day. I suffered a serious shed at 17, and luckily my hairline to the age of 24 has moved very little from what it left me with then. My crown has thankfully never thinned either. My way of dealing with it was quite a styling challenge, but I grew a long fringe, as was actually able to conceal any evidence of hair loss, certainly to the next person in the street. I have had this style ever since. This gave me the confidence to go on with my life, but inside it has never been ideal and rain and wind pretty much became my worst enemies. I continued to stay abreast of all developments in the hair loss world, but surgery always seemed like too big a step to take. Results remained variable and I was always concerned about the long-term picture. Donor hair can only go so far. At varying points over the next seven years I considered taking action against my long term nemesis of hair loss. I got on Propecia as soon as it was approved for sale in the UK, and it was beneficial to the quality of my remaining hair. At the lower points, I even visited a couple of the more internationally known hair-piece distributors, but thankfully my better judgement told me they were a terrible idea. They can give you a full head of hair, but that would do nothing to solve your own mental battle. The prospect of living in huge paranoia didn’t appeal to me. I stepped up to Dutasteride once it was released, which I am also happy with, but of course as I knew before I starting taking it, as with Propecia, it was not going to give me back my hairline. I went through all my adult years, 7 exciting years, without a hairline. It has always remained an issue, even if I was able to cover it up. But then something changed. I started seriously considering the hair transplant route again, not because of a low-point, but actually because I was in such a happy time in my life. I had recently travelled the world, I was full of confidence, and I had a great job. This actually gave me the impetus to finally put my hair loss issue to rest. It also coincided with a time where the hair transplant industry had really gone to new levels. The number of great and ethical doctors was increasing, and science behind has moved on so much, and the results it was producing were great. This gave me the confidence to final make the decision to go for it. This I think is the hardest part of the whole journey, finally making that decision. A hair transplant remains to be a risk, but it is a measured risk. A risk that I took very seriously, like everyone else should. I finally became comfortable with this, so I decided to go ahead. I was already very familiar with the top doctors in the world from long term research, so once I had made the decision, it really didn’t take me long to commit to a date. I knew if I was going to do this, I was going to do this right, which meant going to one of the best doctors in the world. That meant going state-side. I had around 4 doctors in mind, which I believe all could probably produce the same standard of result. Ultimately I chose Dr Feller based on a feeling. Somehow I knew he was always the front-runner. This was the case even before I met with Spex, who was a great help to me in sorting the actually procedure out. Dr Feller's results speak for themselves, and the sheer number of satisfied patients was the winning factor for me. That counts for more than anything else. It’s not easy to give someone else responsibility for taking a knife to your head and performing a surgery that will last for you for the rest of your life. So the biggest concern is not to make a mistake, and do it right. At the present time, I feel I have done just that, I am hugely looking forward to the results. I’ve posted some before and after pictures below to let the rest of you see. These are exciting times, and the future looks even better. Good luck to everyone Ps One thing i've realised recently, once this actually grows out i've got no bloody idea how to style it!! I've never had an post-teenage hair style before!!
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