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  1. Best HT repair Doc? Dr. Umar. Atticus
  2. The transformation on this repair case is incredible!!!! Great work. Atticus
  3. I think the improvement to the hairline and density is great! Good job. Atticus
  4. Thanks! I will email them over in a few minutes. Atticus
  5. Hi Spex, BadHairUK and Lucky, Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, Dr. Umar used hair from the lower neck area. It is blending in with the hairline quite well. From what I uderstand, lower neck area hair is difficult to extract in tact. Dr. Umar is quite proficient in the successful extraction of FU from any area. He uses custom size extraction tools for each and every patient, and uses a custom size for each type of donor hair. In other words, head hair follicles will use a different tool than a leg or chest hair. He also custom cuts blades for each type of follicle, for the placement of each follicle/hair type. He is quite an innovator and does each step of an HT himself. I don't know how to post the pictures in an enlarged manner. I think it was lucky who requested I post pictures in a larger size. If one of you gents wishes, you can pm me your email, and I can email them to you as attachements. Would one of you be willing to post them in this thread in a larger version? Thanks guys! Have a great weekend! Atticus Never seen FUE like this... welcome and thanks for the pic updates and info on this dr. Its a shame the pics are so small... impossible to see any detail... any chance of larger pics
  6. Hello, I just wanted to post some pictures. Dr. Umar did 600 FUE to my hairline. I felt my hairline was starting to look like "Dracula", and I also felt the extra recession on the rt. side and rt. temple added 10 years to me. So far, I am very happy with the results, especially being it has only been five months. The new hair will continue to thicken, sprout and mature. I have at least another 7 months to go for the full affect of the FUE. I will also add I was very happy with the work Dr. Umar did, and his attitude in general. He is professional, but very nice as well. His staff made my wife and I feel at home. The office has a very warm ambience. Another bonus, Dr. Umar is one of the few HT Docs who does everything himself, from start to finish! This gave me added confidence. But I digress. Here are some pictures:
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