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  1. hi i bought what i thought was going to be propecia from a website. what arrived is finpecia mader by cipla. is this same as propecia/. it says 1 mg finasteride. they are in packs of 10
  2. Lol, have done, and just received my next batch, cheers. how much does it cost per month? is it same as propecia? any side effects?
  3. i have been trying many different products for my hairloss. i tried rogaine for a year or so 3 years back with no results ive tried procerin and naturalis cream and no luck their either. i want to know if the rogaine foam is any better than normal rogaine. i am scared to try any propecia dutasteride like drugs what can i do? i feel so depresed its ruining my life.
  4. hi guys just wondered where the cheapest place to get this rogaine foam is? is it pricey?
  5. i need some advice about hair transplants. i read somewhere that this can be done with out stripping a section at the back of your head. how much would it cost for 300 fue?
  6. hi ive been using the naturalis cream for 1 and a half months now and havent really noticed any difference. i guess its early days yet but it was lance who recommended it. he has been very helpfull and i really hope it works. i have been on procerin for 7 months now and i am going to stop as it has done nothing for me. i apply rogaine to the scalp area and the hair cream to the temples.
  7. how often would you use the new shampoo? asuming you use the nizoral shampoo for 2 days per week.
  8. hi specs i was just wondering if you would still be taking nizoral shampoo with this new shampoo? cheers
  9. hi I recieved this cream today as i hope it will regrow hair at the temples. Any one else tried this or know anything about it?
  10. specs do u know anything about eucapil?they say it works wonders for hairloss.
  12. so this cream is for frontal baldness only.how long have you been receeding for? how do u apply this cream and how much does it cost? thanks lance. i really need something to work. do u use other treatments lance?
  13. is the stuff on organiconline the viviscal. do u have to take in tablet form as well as the shampoo/cream.please reply.
  14. I've just looked up at the news section on this forum and found good feedback about the lasercomb. I checked up and was supprised with the results. Five men all on different hair loss products including the fda approved ones, and after a year the hair lasercomb was the one which proved the best . I would like to hear from specs on this one. It was a proper test performed by a professor.
  15. I used to use rogaine 2x per day but now only apply it at 7pm once a day. I also seem to be applying a lot more than the 2ML, its more like 4-5 ml. Is their any risks to this?
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