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  1. hey hairymuff, havent done anything to cause this as far as i know - i wash my hair every morning and then shave it down now and again - its seems like when i leave it to grow the swelling gets worse - at the mo it dont look to good and am left confused as what to do. At the mo I still go without a cap and just crack on but feel insecure most of the time, dont really give a shit about people dont the street - just mates really and feeling like shit everytime i look in the mirror Badhairdo if you dont mind it may be good to meet up with you, just to get someone's opinion on it - i may meet with spex later - just mentally exhausted with this journey and want it sorted now
  2. Hi Guys Sorry the pic is such a close up not intended, I think badhairdo got the proper size of it. TIm Ive emailed the photo to Dr Feller (hope he has internet explorer 7 Cheers Spex, it's been 5 1/2 months now (it seems like I'm still in the healing process) - I hope I am because things still haven't settled down now. I keep saying to myself another 2 months, another 2 months........ I'm hoping by December it all looks to be settling down. It seems like the more densely area is the section which is proving most troublesome. If you don't mind it will be cool to meet up with you on the 15th if your in London. I will pop you an email. Hi Badhairdo, thanks for the response. Yep the area I'm concerned about is just above the forehead and it runs round to the right side of the hairline (left side on photo). You can see from the pic, it looks rough and it feels like that too. The left side is settling ok, the right side just seems to be taking ages and sometimes I worry will it improve any further. Best of luck with whatever decision you made, it's not my cup of tea but clearly it can change people's life for the better. I have attached a smaller pic to see if it helps
  3. Just a pic to voice my concerns, any comments welcome. If not no worries.
  4. As most of you guys know, I have been writing up how pissed off I was in having the HT and my concerns with the appearance of my scalp a couple months after my op. It seems as though my head is still far being near fully healed. I in fact shaved my head to more a less a zero yesterday to see the progress and I feel I cannot go out and socialise with a buzz cut. The area I had done was on the hairline and my main concern is as follows Firstly the left side of my head as healed ok apart from scarring, but it has regained normal skin colour and has more or less all sensation. However what is freaking me out at the mo is the middle to my right side, that part is clearly inflammed and still has not recovered in terms of sensation or colour. I still feel the liquid type under the scalp which Dr Feller referred to as 'post op swelling'. I read on another forum that this inflammation and redness of the skin can be caused from excess tissue rising from the work that has been done. Basically Im bricking it whether this will fully recover or remain the same, also to the touch it feels bumpy unlike my left side. I was told I could shave my head and no way is the possible at the mo because it just looks stupid. I'm not going to go on and on about how I feel because it's been said before and I appreciate everyone's help and support on my case. I still want to go into a job but dont have the confidence to, I just hope in the next 3 months or so things progess even though I am not that optimistic. I have just realised how there is so much more to live then a few measley pieces of hair on top of my head. It doesn't make anyone a better or worse person for it. These insecurities that we have are manufactured from society, in my honest opinion I believe I should of been put off as i said I'm happy with the way I look. Regardless, I just hope I somehow end up with a normal looking scalp
  5. Just like to make one thing clear lads, I DO NOT KEEP TOUCHING OR MESSING ROUND WITH MY SCALP. The only thing I do is carefully buzz it after 5-6 days so it keeps to a similar level to my sides which I shave down every 2-3 days. Sorry it came across as if I shave my transplanted area every couple of days. jgs - thanks for your response, I try to keep positive but then I look at my scalp in certain conditions it looks desperate which causes me great anxiety. richie - thanks, its incredibly kind and comforting for you to be willing to meet up. It's interesting reading your up on your case and how you've healed etc. You saying your skin was red and pitted like for 7 months before fully repairing also gives me hope of my skin fully repairing. spex - thanks, there seems to be some sort of pitting since some hairs have started sprouting - there are a few areas which concern me where ithe hairs are growing from a much lower level than the rest. Which causes a holey type of appearance. I am honest hand on heart not talking bullshite for the sake of it. Maybe these hairs were inserted a tad too deep. Also the lad who came with me is my cousin, and bless him he wants me too feel good and always says dont worry it looks fine etc. When I met with u it was a bright sunny day which makes my head look kinda normal because it just shines off. When the sun is out I have a field day! Cos it makes my scalp look more normal. My inflammed redness concerns me because it is just in the middle and right part of my scalp whilst the left part has more or less settled. I have read this can be caused because of the tissue being damaged from the transplant. Or maybe in time it will fully settle. Looks normal in light and sunlight, but looks a lot different in dull light. I will try and come at the meet but dont wish to put a dampner on which I'm sure will be filled with people who are over the moon about their transplants. It would be cool to meet Dr Feller and him to give me a proper check. I'm gonna email him and ask for a few minutes of his time when he is over here. I was half thinking of making a trip to Belgium and asking Dr Bisanga to have a quick look to put my mind at ease as its only a 2hr journey in train. This gig is just not for me, but hope to be smiling some time soon
  6. Hey It's been a frighteningly long 3 1/2 months since me taking the plunge and it still is causing as much heartache and pain since the day I carried out the op. There has been no significant improvement in the last month or so, if anything my redness seems to have got worse. On one side of the hairline, my skin is inflammed and there is a clear difference between my untouched skin in comparison to the transplanted area. Also te scalp continues to irritate and itch, I think Dr Feller referred to earlier as post op swelling. Surprised it hasnt subsided as of yet. Also it seems as though there is a bit of pitting that is visible in certain areas which affects me the most as in public under natural daylight it is visible on the hairline. Indoors the damage to the skin cannot be seen fully, its on a cloudy day or under shawdows (ie say a petrol station) where the skin looks at its worst. I can't keep my transplanted hair long because I shave my sides down every 2 days, but when I shave the transplanted area, the skin condition is more apparent because its so short. Caught between a rock and a hard place. I was told I could shave my head no problem after the transplant, but from what I can see there isnt much chance at the moment because the scarring is all too apparent. I honestly would love to come on here and say my HT was looking good. And even though I regret my decision, i would like to say my recovery and healing is all good. But this isnt the case I will post pics up next week even though pics cant be very deceptive I have emailed Dr Feller and he answered my questions, its just a shame he isnt just a short drive away where he can check out my concerns. Most of the threads on here are of jubilance and joy, but I'm sad to say my case isnt.... I have ocd which causes panic for me, but my eyes do not decieve me and it doesnt hinder me when it comes to assessing my situation. Some feel my condition at times is an excuse for my worries. But that is plain ignorance to the condition itself. I just want my old balding head back, I think I will end up lasering or FUE'ing my hair out in the future. Hopefully with no adverse effect. Because my lifes a mess right now
  7. Cheerss Tim Seen your pics, seems to have come along quite a bit in the last month or so. I dont know if this applies to everyone, but my photos are a bit deceiving just in terms of how the skin really looks. hard to get a realistic close up shot of what its like. Went on holiday, just kept a hat on cos of the sun. Wasnt to sure if i should have it exposed to the sun. Anyways, heal well mate.
  8. Ive reached the 10 week mark, so just posting a update. There seems to be more hair growing now, but a lot of transplanted hair still has not shedded and doesnt look like it will. The redness hasn't improved significantly in the last 3 weeks The skin in recipient area still remains very coarse, bumpy, numb and tender with the odd ache. Still cant shave my hair down due to the nature of the skin and insertions which are still visible. Does anyone have a an estimate as to when the skin fully settles (I know eveyone is different, but how have patients found it) ?
  9. Hi guys Just a quick observation, I find when I wake up my numbness in the recipient area is more or less gone. However an hour after getting up the numbness returns as well as the swelling? Any idea why. Also when is ok to go in the sun, have read it can be 2, 3 or 6 months? Is it safe to do so with sunscreen after 2 months? Distilled witch hazel didnt do much for the redness so I just use aloe vera after placing a hot towel in the mornings. Also have a few spots developing in the donored FUE area, they decide to pop up now. Can't wait til the skin settles!
  10. H Spex Can you put me down as well please Thanks
  11. Thanks Spex for putting the pics up. The pics were more for an update on things and the donor area being uneven. The recipient area looks better in pics than close up or in overcast natural light. Wish I could remove mirrors but my bathroom is plastered with em! Wish I could let my hair grow Tim, but it looks shocking if I don't shave it within seven days. Cheers for the responses, might give emu oil a try - suppose to be good for scarring and redness.
  12. It's now been 7 weeks since the op, I thought I'd put some pics up and see what you guys think. The recipient area is slowly progressing. I think half of the hairs have not yet shedded, proving to be stubborn. Most of the sides have gone into shut down mode, the redness still remains but most of it is where the shafts are that havent shedded. The numbness remains and is still tender to touch with the skin being slighlty inflammed, have gone on anti biotics to speed things up. The donor area is concerning me slightly as the shadow where the hair was removed remains and I think I have suffered quite a bit of shock loss in the area. Don't have a clue really, but it seems that way. The nape hair magnifies the strip which is a pain, may have to shave my head to take down the affect. I hope my hair grows back there to make it less noticable in a few months. In a way I just wanna bic razor my head but think things are still to fresh on the recip area as well as donor area. We'll ride it out and see what happens! I will ask spex to post the pics cos Im struggling here
  13. Thanks guys, it's tough...................... Hows it going Tim, your a couple weeks ahead of me, I'm over 5 weeks in and only about 50% has shed, still red and numb in the recip area, also still have irritation and itching under the scalp. I think my scalp hasnt taken well to the incisions as they are visible under natural light. You've had similar hairline treatment, how your finding these areas mate. Hope your well
  14. Cheers Tim, you'll look great mate - nice hair at the back which will blend it real nice. Thanks for your post.
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