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  1. Anyone know how to contact dr ashcroft, phone number etc.
  2. Hello. Im 22 and having been steadily losing hair for about 3 years. Balding is conentrated all over the top of the head, paticularly hairline and crown. Have investigated mumerous products and treatments, also visited the advanced hair studio where a salesman tried pushing laser treatment along with rogaine and propecia at for many thousands of pounds. That aint hapenning. Also visited the ********* centre who were a little better, and recomended starting a cource of propecia and rogaine. Im pretty sure within a year i will have to start shaving my head daily, i do not want this to happen. Can anybody help with some honest advice on what to do, treatments, their success and side effects, just what i can do in the new year to keep what ive got and perhaps pursue a ht further down the line if feesable. I do not want a horseshoe, anybody got some solid advice.Cheers.
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